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Madeeha Rahim Rasool

Postgraduate Research Student

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College of Health, Psychology and Social Care



I consider myself a global citizen with a wide variety of experience in industries ranging from events to forensic psychology and marketing. After completing my undergraduate degree in Dubai and Scotland a masters in Nottingham, I feel that my international and nationwide experience shapes me today. I've worked with and alongside over 45 different nationalities. 

After my undergraduate degree, I entered the world of work to seek and area of psychology that suited my skills, experience and something I would enjoy. I gained experience in several avenues of psychology: clinical, business psychology and training and educational psychology. In the end, I took the forensic psychology path and pursued a masters in Forensic Mental Health (MSc). I finally found my passion. I worked within forensic mental health wards for a while, before moving into a quality-assurance role. This role inspired my PhD research, and the need for deeper research into autism, seclusion and restraint. 

I chose the University of Derby to be able to be closer to home (for once). I have an excellent supervisory team that has a wealth of knowledge that my research needs to make a difference. 

Thesis title 

An Exploration of seclusion and restraint practices for Autistic patients in a secure setting: Investigating the experience of these practices from a patient perspective, and the views and opinions from a staff and family/carer perspective