Lisa Cherkassky

Lisa Cherkassky

Position: Senior Lecturer in Law

College: College of Business, Law and Social Sciences

Department: Derby Law School

Subject area: Law:

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  • Senior Lecturer in Law
  • Researcher in Medical Law

Teaching responsibilities

  • Mental Health Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Legal Skills
  • Independent Studies (dissertation)

Professional interests

Chief Editor: The Journal of Medical Law and Ethics (

Special Editions:

  • Special Conference Edition 1: “Issues of Faith and Belief and the Donation of Body Parts for Transplantation and Research”, David Price Memorial Seminar Series, De Montfort University, vol.2-3, 2014 (supported by AHRC Research Networking Scheme Grant Ref: AH/1026448/1).
  • Special Conference Edition 2: “Medical Confidentiality and Privacy: Past, Present and Future”, University of Glasgow and Durham University, vol. 1-2, 2015 (supported by Wellcome Trust Grant Number: 103499/Z/14/Z).
  • Special Conference Edition 3: “Deconstructing Donation”, The Institute of Medical Ethics, Lancaster University, vol.3, 2015 (supported by funds from the Institute of Medical Ethics and Lancaster University).

Research interests

  • Medical Law
  • Medical Ethics
  • Organ transplantation in law (liver in particular)
  • Saviour siblings (welfare of the donor child)
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (tissue typing in particular)
  • Direct-to-consumer genetic testing (adult-onset diseases in particular)
  • Criminal Law (genocide, causation, HIV transmission)

Membership of professional bodies

  • Association of Law Teachers;
  • Society of Legal Scholars;
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy;
  • Registered at the UK Centre for Legal Education;
  • American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics;
  • Institute of Medical Ethics


Undergraduate qualifications

  • LL.B (Hons)

Postgraduate qualifications

  • LLM
  • PGC(HEP)
  • FHEA

Recent publications


  • L. Cherkassky, (2011) Legal Skills. Palgrave Macmillan (9780230230088).
  • L. Cherkassky, (2012) Course Notes: Criminal Law. Hodder Education (9781444146547).
  • L. Cherkassky, (2014) Medical Law: Text, Cases and Materials. Pearson Longman (9781447901204).


  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Kennedy and unlawful act manslaughter: an unorthodox application of the doctrine of causation’(2008) The Journal of Criminal Law, vol. 72(5), 387.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘What distinguishes the evil of genocide and how should we respond to it?’(2008) The International Journal of Punishment and Sentencing, vol. 4(3), 110.
  • L. Cherkassky, C. Gale, and J. Guth, ‘Engaging New Law Lecturers and Reflections on the Engagement’ (2009) The Law Teacher, vol. 43(2).
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Genocide: Punishing a Moral Wrong’ (2009) International Criminal Law Review,(9) 301-319.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘The Meaning of ‘Wrong’ in the M’Naghten Test’ [2009] Criminal Lawyer, No.189 (8).
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  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Being informed: the complexities of knowledge, deception and consent when transmitting HIV’(2010) The Journal of Criminal Law, vol. 74(3), 242.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Rational rejection? The ethical complications of assessing organ transplant candidates in the UK and the USA’(2010) Journal of Law and Medicine, vol. 18(1).
  • L.Cherkassky, ‘Does the U.S. do it better? A comparative analysis of liver allocation protocols in the United Kingdom and the United States’ (2011) Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, vol.20(3).
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  • L. Cherkassky, ‘A Fair Trial? The Assessment of Liver Transplant Candidates with Psychiatric Illnesses’(2011) Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol.37(12), 739-742.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘The Wrong Harvest: The Law on Saviour Siblings’ (2015) The International Journal of Law, Policy and Family, vol.1, 1-20.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Children and the Doctrine of Substituted Judgment’ (2015) Medical Law International, vol. 1, 1-23.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Selecting a Disabled Embryo can Constitute Grievous Bodily Harm’ (2015) Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland, 21(1).
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Gillick, Bone Marrow and Teenagers’ (2015) Medico-Legal Journal 83: 154-158.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘The Human Tissue Authority and Saviour Siblings’ (2015) Journal of Bone Marrow Research, vol. 3, 158-167.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘The Interfamilial Principle and the Harvest Festival’ (2016) European Journal of Health Law, vol. 23, 30-48.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Quintavalle: The Quandary in Bioethics’ (2016) Journal of Law and Health (accepted).

Case note:

  • L.Cherkassky, ‘R v Hendy: Intoxication and Diminished Responsibility’ (2007) The Journal of Criminal Law, 71(3), 203-208.

Book reviews:

  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Law: Text and Materials by Clarkson and Keating’ (2008) The International Journal of Learning in Education, vol. 42(1), 140.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘International Criminal Law by Antonio Cassese’ (2009) Legal Studies, vol. 29(1), 171.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Law: Doctrine and Theory by William Wilson’ (2009) The International Journal of Learning in Education, vol. 43(3), 329.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Law by Nicola Padfield’ (2009) The International Journal of Learning in Education, vol. 43(3), 327.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Liability for Non-Aggressive Death by C.M.V. Clarkson and Sally Cunningham’ (2010) Legal Studies, vol. 3(3), 502.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘How Leading Lawyers Think: Expert Insights into Judgment and Advocacy by Randall Kiser’ (2012) International Journal of Law and Management, vol. 54(3), 242.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Saviour Siblings: A Relational Approach to the Welfare of the Child in Selective Reproduction by Shelia McLean’, (2016) European Journal of Health Law, vol. 23, 103-112.

Recent conferences

  • L. Cherkassky, and C. Gale,‘Engaging Law Lecturers and Reflections on the Engagement’ Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference, 17th March 2008, Oxford University.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Pot Luck for Students: Tutor A or Tutor B?’ The Learning in Law Annual Conference for The Higher Education Academy, 24th January 2009, Warwick University.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘E-Learning in Law: are we doing enough?’ Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference, Amsterdam, 7th April 2009.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Ethical Challenges Behind the Allocation of Scarce Organs’ The Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, 7th September 2009, Keele University.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘International Ethical Challenges Behind the Allocation of Scarce Organs’Centre for Social Ethics and Policy Senior Seminar Series, 2009 - 2010 Session, 24th February 2010, The University of Manchester.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Does the U.S. do it better? A comparative analysis of liver allocation protocols in the United Kingdom and the United States’ International Bioethics Retreat, 20th-26th June 2011, Cambridge University.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘Share Your Toys, Share Your Kidneys: Child Organ Donors’ 15th December 2014, Lancaster Medical School.
  • L. Cherkassky, ‘A PhD Through Publication’ 3rd July 2015, Annual Research Conference, The University of Derby.

Additional interests and activities

Reviewer roles:

  • Journal Review Board: International Journal of Social Science Studies.
  • Also reviewed for: Annals of Transplantation; Medical Law Review; Medical Law International.

Book proposal reviewer for:

  • Longman Press, Oxford University Press, Hodder Publishing, Routledge Cavendish Press, and Cambridge University Press.

Experience in industry

Lecturer in Law at Bradford School of Management between 2007-2012.

External examiner: Anglia Ruskin University (undergraduate); Teesside University (postgraduate).

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