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Dr Kirsten Lees

Early Career Academic


Environmental Science, Geography


College of Science and Engineering


Innovation and Research

Research centre

Environmental Sustainability Research Centre


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I research the role of land management in mitigating the climate crisis. My expertise is in peatland ecosystems, which store a huge amount of carbon due to their unique soil structure and vegetation communities. I use fieldwork and satellite data to assess ecosystem function and condition. I also engage with stakeholders and local communities to consider how we can optimise land management for both people and nature. 

Beyond the University of Derby, I am a visiting fellow at the Global Systems Institute (GSI) at the University of Exeter, and a member of the Peatland ECR Action Team (@PeatlandECR on Twitter). 

Research interests

I am interested in how changing land management of peatlands and upland margins is affecting ecosystem function and resilience. My research encompasses carbon fluxes specifically, as well as a broad range of ecosystem services more generally. 


Recent publications