Staff profile

Katherine Oliver

Lecturer in Pre-Qualifying Healthcare

Katherine Oliver at the reception of the St Helena's campus




College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


School of Nursing and Midwifery


St Helena, Chesterfield


Teaching responsibilities

I am a Lecturer in Pre-Qualifying Healthcare, which is part of the College of Health and Social Care.

I am part of the third year team teaching Adult Nursing, based in Chesterfield. Part of this role is guiding students with their final dissertation work. This is a great opportunity to find out the different aspects of health and social care that the students are interested and passionate about.

I am also involved in preparing the students for qualifying and joining the Nursing and Midwifery Council register.

Professional interests

I have a passion and interest in palliative and end of life care. I have worked as a nurse in a community hospital, where I was able to learn how to care for older people approaching the end of life. I have also worked at a hospice in-patient unit and as part of a specialist palliative care community team.

Research interests

I am interested in research looking into palliative and end of life care, particularly relating to the causes of social issues connected to this area of study. I am also interested in exploring some of the causes of barriers to palliative and end of life care for patients and those important to them.

Membership of professional bodies


International experience

I have previously had experience of working as a volunteer in the Favelas (slum areas) of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This time taught me many skills that I have been able to transfer into my nursing practice.