Mr Jonathan Wright

Position: Programme Leader for Forensic Sciences

College: College of Life & Natural Sciences

Subject area: Forensic Sciences

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I am a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science and the programme leader for Forensic science and Forensic Science with Criminology undergraduate degrees.

Teaching responsibilities

I am responsible for the program leadership and teaching a number of aspects of Forensic Science, Crime scene science and human identification techniques across the undergraduate degree programmes.

Professional interests

  • All aspects of Forensic Science interest me, I am an advissor to a number of authors (including Terry Pratchett) and have also been consulted on a number of film and TV shows.

  • I am especially interested in the history of Forensic Science and its uses in the investigation of crime. One of the most recent cases I have been consulted on involved the question ; 'Could a silicon implant stop a bullet?'

Research interests

My research interests are blood pattern analysis,firearms ,vehicles and vehicle related crime, latent mark development (fingermarks and footwear), and fire investigation.

I am also interested in the study of older 'cold cases'.

Membership of professional bodies

I am a Member of the International Association of Blood Pattern Analysts.


Undergraduate Qualifications 

  • GiBiol (London)

Additional interests and activities

  • Consultancy work; Historical Studies, Children's books.
  • I am actively working with Derbyshire Constabulary and also Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Services.

Experience in industry

I have worked in the field applied science since the age of 18, I started my carrer in a medical toxicology laboratory looking at oncogenes and cancer, then I moved into the Forensic field where I worked first for the Metropolitan Police and then the Forensic Science Service.

International experience

  • I have presented work at a number of International Conferences and meetings.

In the media

  • I was the series advisor for 'Forensic Casebook', an ITV series featuring Matthew Kelly.
  • I am often on the Radio and in the media discussing various aspects of Forensic Science.

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