research student

Joanne Emma Millican

Postgraduate Research Student


Education, Childhood and SEND


College of Arts, Humanities and Education


Institute of Education



I am researching how the key stage 2 staff (teaching children aged 7-11) engage with lesson study in mathematics in order to improve how they teach and the children learn problem-solving as this has been identified by internal and external sources as an area which would benefit from improvement. The staff are keen to engage in lesson study having been made aware of it from local authority sources and cluster schools. They feel the collaborative aspects of lesson study and the direct impact on individual classes could be particularly beneficial to individual teachers, the children, and the school staff as a whole.

Unfortunately, my planned research was postponed by the coronavirus outbreak, although the school are willing to reschedule for the 2020-21 academic year and, more personally I was diagnosed with cancer in April 2020, which has resulted in me taking sick leave from work since then. I do not know at this stage whether it is feasible for me to complete my studies but am not at a stage yet where I have to rule it out and therefore am currently planning to continue.

Thesis title 

How does teacher learning gained through engaging in lesson study impact on pupil outcomes in mathematical problem solving and reasoning? A case study of teachers in a Derbyshire primary school


Teaching responsibilities

Currently on sick leave.