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James Chircop

Lecturer in Nursing

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I have worked as an adult, mental health and learning disability nurse in various settings. The major parts of my career as a registered nurse have been in Malta whilstI have been involved in University Curriculum Development and University Programme Committees. I have also participated and was part of the project team in various training courses and seminars in the UK, Portugal, Albania, Montenegro and Malta, dealing with policymaking, designing training, youth, scheduling and managing resources.

I have also attended different courses and conferences on themes including Perioperative Care, Digital Assessment and Feedback, Media Literacy and Gender Equity. As well as volunteering in non-governmental organisations related to disadvantaged children in the community, sports and culture. I have achieved two awards: Highest Postgraduate Achiever and Futures Recognition in Social Media.

Teaching responsibilities

I currently teach on the following courses: 

Research interests

My main research interests include diabetes and nursing; I undertook research on self-monitoring of blood glucose as well as insulin self-administration. Other research interests include Information Technology and Health, Dementia, Mental Health, Geriatrics, Orthopaedics, Accident and Emergency, Perioperative Care and Leadership. I have also reviewed for BioMed Central, Springer Nature.