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Dr Helen Clarke

Lecturer in Criminology


Criminology and Criminal Psychology


College of Business, Law and Social Sciences


Criminology and Social Sciences

Research centre

Centre for Educational Research and Innovation


One Friar Gate Square, Derby Campus



I teach on the BSc Criminology and also on the Criminology Joint Honours. My teaching responsibilities centre around men and women's experiences of crime and the gender dynamics of violence. I have a keen interest in the area of equality and diversity and the promotion of victim rights.

Teaching responsibilities

Professional interests

As well as teaching victimology and the victim rights movement, I also work in the community to raise awareness of women's rights. I am engaged in several feminist community based partnerships, dealing with issues such as domestic violence, sexual violence and the empowerment of women. As well as being involved in these feminist based movements, my professional interests also include men's rights, including the constructions of masculinities, and the rights of the LGBT community. I have a particular interest in the trans movement and raising awareness of trans identities.

Research interests

My research interests are in women's experiences of violent crime, particularly sexual harassment, stalking and rape. My PhD explored cultural and social understandings of sexual violence and how they may impact upon women's experiences and subsequent courses of action. My postdoctoral research investigates the tensions between feminist and Foucauldian epistemologies. I have a particular interest in 'coming out' stories from a Foucauldian perspective.


In the media

I have featured as an academic commentator on local and national television and radio. These include The Today Programme and The Politics Show.

Recent publications

After submitting my PhD, I now have a number of journal articles in progress, waiting for publication. These include: