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Dr Francesco Vincenzo Ferraro

Lecturer in Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation

Francesco wearing a white shirt, standing in front of a bookcase.


I joined the University of Derby as Lecturer in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, bringing a wealth of clinical and academic experiences. I received training in the United Kingdom and Italy and emerged as a prominent researcher in Physiology, Biomechanics and Pedagogy.

I held positions as Clinical Trial Manager at Nuffield Health and the Orthopaedic Research Institute (in Bournemouth). Currently, I hold the roles of visiting researcher at Bournemouth University, University of Naples Parthenope and Riphah Pakistan International University. My broad experiences have been applied to create international collaborations and projects funded by the EU and UKRI. Such as during my PhD, where I studied the effects of inspiratory muscle training upon balance and functional mobility with older adults.

I follow and foster University values of being bold, value people, being future-focused and follow brilliance.

I have a keen interest in using rigorous scientific methods to study physiological and clinical health issues. Recently, I looked at predictive measurements to prevent youth delinquency and antisocial behaviours in high-risk territories. Collaborating with NGOs abroad, I am reporting the effects of distanced learning on adolescents. Whilst from a physiological and biomechanical perspective, I am studying novel holistic interventions to enhance respiratory muscles functions.

Teaching responsibilities

Research interests

Membership of professional bodies

ARTUR – Responsible Adults for a Territory without Risks [ 2020 – Current ] Role Associate

British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) [ 2018 – Current ] Role Professional Membership

Higher Education Academy (HEA) [ 2018 – Current ] Role Associate Fellowship

The Physiological Society [ 2017 – Current ] Role Full Membership and Representative at University of Derby

Nuffield Foundation Research Placement [ 2016 – Current ] Role Mentor

STEM [ 2016 – Current ] Role Ambassador

Italian Olympic Federation of Weightlifting (FIPE) [ 2015 – Current ] Role Certified Coach

Research and Higher Education for Sport Sciences (ELAV) [ 2014 – Current ] Role Certified Instructor

TRX Suspension Training® [ 2014 – Current ] Role Certified Instructor

Filosofia Fuori le Mura Association [ 2007 – Current ] Role Associate and Chief Executive Officer


Recent conferences

Ferraro F.V., Aruta L., Ambra F.I, Iavarone M.L. (June 2021) Preliminary data from a dancing practice in distanced learning. 2nd International conference, Reinventing Education, Scuola Democratica.

Aruta L., Ambra F.I., Ferraro F.V., Iavarone M.L. (June 2021). The ARTUR LAB a social intervention for a sustainable well-being education. 2nd International conference, Reinventing Education, Scuola Democratica.

Iavarone M.L, Ferraro F.V. (May 2021). Re-thinking learning practices in the Covid-era: indications for teachers and educators. International Conference, Re-thinking Adult Education Research Beyond the Pandemic Towards the INTALL Project Results.

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