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Faye Taylor

Associate Academic for Hospitality and Business


Business, Culinary Arts and Management


University of Derby Online Learning



Experienced lecturer of Higher Education in the Management of Service Sector Industries with specialism in Tourism Development and Planning, Sustainable Development, Political Economy of Development and Crisis Management.

I have worked with UDOL for a number of years as an Associate Academic, undertaking academic consultancy, tutoring and developing materials across a range of Business and Hospitality modules.

In addition to this, I hold a combined role at Nottingham Trent University, within Nottingham Business School. Primarily, as Course Leader of the Online MBA. Secondly, as a core member of the NBS Personalisation Project. Finally, as Senior Lecturer in Marketing, leading the final year, undergraduate, International Tourism: Development, Impact and Sustainability module.

In addition to my posts at UDOL and Nottingham Trent University, I undertake freelance work, through which I have completed a wide range of collaborative projects related to education at all levels. This includes employability projects with Ideas4careers, AB Tutoring and the Me2Work programme, materials authoring, academic consultancy and online tutoring for Magna Carta College, visiting lecturing and dissertation tutoring for the University of Bedfordshire.

Research interests

I completed my PhD in 2012 which concerned the influence of political economy and interpretations of sustainability within the post-disaster tourism redevelopment of Koh Phi Phi Island., Thailand. My historical research has focused upon the political economy of post disaster tourism re-development and interpretations of sustainability.

Currently however, I am pursuing research in the field of tourism and leisure behaviour; more specifically in respect of travel and nightlife consumption, neo-tribalism and the non-conformist behaviours of the cognitively young.

I maintain an interest in the ethics and sustainability of tourism development and am currently planning to pursue pedagogical research concerning personalised and experiential learning.

Membership of professional bodies


Recent publications

  • Welton, R. Taylor, F. and Winfield, F. (2016) ‘The Role of Special Events in Personalising Higher Education in Business” (Conference Proceedings) 9th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI), Seville, Spain, 14th-16th November
  • TAYLOR, F., 2016. Tourism and crisis: clean slates, disaster capitalism and vulnerability. In: N. PAPPAS and I. BREGOLI, eds., Global dynamics in travel, tourism, and hospitality. Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global. ISBN 9781522502012
  • TAYLOR, F., 2016. The pleasure’s all mine: a comparative analysis of hedonic travel behaviour within night-life tourism. In: ATLAS Conference, Canterbury, Kent, 14-16 September 2016.
  • TAYLOR, F., 2015. Clean slates, disaster capitalism or strategic drift? A case study of post-disaster vulnerability. Journal of Tourism, 16 (2), pp. 111-128. ISSN 0972-7310
  • Taylor, F. (2015) ‘Journey of the pleasure seekers: A comparative analysis of hedonic travel motives and behaviour in night-life resorts’ (Conference Proceedings) Critical Tourism Studies, Croatia, 26th-30th June
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  • Taylor, F. (2013) ‘Koh Phi Phi: Clean Slates, Disaster Capitalism or Boiled Frogs? A research update on post disaster vulnerability’ (Conference Proceedings) The 6th International Colloquium on Tourism and Leisure, Bangkok, Thailand, 19th – 22nd August
  • Taylor, F. (2012) ‘Combating intellectual leakage: The role of education in resisting hegemonic effects of local elites and building sustainable communities’ (Conference Proceedings) at Leisure Studies Association Conference, Edinburgh, 17th-19th July