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Professor Denis Anthony

Professor of Health and Social Care Research




College of Health, Psychology and Social Care

Research centre

Health and Social Care Research Centre




Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I am by training a mental health nurse and adult (medical-surgical) nurse. However, in mid-career I moved across into engineering and computing (1987-1994) but now work in health research, largely as a statistician.

Teaching responsibilities

I am an experienced supervisor of doctoral studies. I have supervised 25 graduate students to successful doctoral completion. I am a former faculty head of postgraduate studies (De Montfort University). 

I am pleased to hear from potential applicants in the area of health studies. My interests include pressure ulcers and public health. However, as my methodological expertise is largely in quantitative methods, I am happy to consider any doctoral studies that may employ statistical methods.

Research interests

Previous work focused on public health interventions to reduce smoking and improve physical exercise and diet in communities in India, China and Mexico. Most recently, I have worked on non-communicable diseases in prisons. I have conducted research in risk assessment of pressure ulcers over 30 years and am currently conducting a systematic review of prevalence of pressure ulcers in long term care. I am engaged in studies of chronic pain (IWOTCH) and chronic headache (CHESS), both studies in the Clinical Trials Unit of the University of Warwick. I am also working with King Saud University on their International Scientific Partnership Program which involves capacity building and mentorship of early researchers.

Membership of professional bodies

Nursing & Midwifery Council Professional registration 75I0349E parts 1 and 3

Fellow Royal Statistical Society


PhD, University of Warwick

MSc, University of Warwick

BA (Hons), Open University

RN (Registered Nurse), Canadian Nursing Association

SRN (State Registered Nurse), General Nursing Council

RMN (Registered Mental Nurse), General Nursing Council

International experience

External examiner to Sultan Qaboos University Oman (undergraduate nursing) 2006-2008. This role included evaluation of research capacity and infrastructure of the new School of Nursing at SQU.

External examiner to Cairo University School of Nursing (2008) for examination of doctoral studies and external evaluator for the school. The latter role considers all aspects of courses at postgraduate level, and medical-surgical and mental health courses at all levels.

Visiting academic to King Saud University, Riyadh in the International Scientific Partnership Program (ISPP) of King Saud University.

Additional interests and activities

My interests include walking, visiting the South of France and choral singing.

Recent publications

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