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Professor Christopher Sansom

Professor of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Theme Lead, Zero Carbon

Christopher Sansom looking up at the solar power water tank - for Zero Carbon


Innovation and Research





I am a Professor of CSP (Concentrating Solar Power), and Lead the Zero Carbon Theme, at the University of Derby. After my PhD, I worked in research labs for Plessey, GEC, Marconi, and PerkinElmer, before entering Academia with Cranfield University where I remain a Visiting Professor. I have also been an Open University (OU) course tutor and Associate Lecturer for over 35 years. I am the sole UK representative on the EERA-Joint Committee on CSP which steers EU research in CSP and heads up the Line-Focus research group with the JC-CSP. I am a member of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS). I have considerable teaching experience, and I am a former MSc Course Director and lecturer on low carbon and renewable energy topics.

Research interests

My current CSP research includes concentrating solar power for electrical power generation, solar collector characterisation and ageing evaluation, polymer films for solar power plant heliostats and line-focus solar collectors, linear Fresnel community-scale CSP, heliostat design and manufacture, solar thermal heating and cooling, solar-driven desalination and water purification, thermal storage, and nanostructured thermoelectric devices for energy harvesting. Within the broader “zero-carbon” field I am active in the decarbonisation of UK power generation (renewable energy, energy storage in particular), low carbon built environment and smart cities, carbon capture and storage, low carbon transport, as well as the environmental and social impact of zero-carbon technologies on local communities.

Membership of professional bodies


I also have a Black-belt six-sigma qualification from Warwick University and hold the National Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety. I am also a member of the International Association of Bookkeepers (MIAB)

Recent conferences

SolarPACES is the main annual conference and exhibition for CSP academics, researchers, and commercial delegates. I have been closely involved with SolarPACES since 2010

 Conference Scientific Committee

Conference Session Chair

Conference paper reviewer

International experience

I have many international links through my research on Concentrating Solar Power over the last fifteen years. 

Recent collaborations include work with Egypt, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, India, Algeria, Pakistan, Palestine, and Nigeria. 

In the media

Press releases:

Solar power and desalination to be efficiently linked for first time in new project”, 27 July 2021 

“NEOM Adopts Pioneering Solar Dome Technology for Sustainable Desalination Project”, 29 January 2020 

Students Research Cleaning Solar Collectors Without Water

Electricity and water in the desert thanks to Cranfield research”, 23 April 2018. This relates to the FP7 funded MATS project and the opening of the 1MWe CSP plant in Egypt

Magazine contributions:

The Times “Sunshine and thin air could be turned into water for the world, 3 August 2021 (online: subscription access only)

Solar Daily “Solar power and desalination to be efficiently linked for first time in new project”, 3 August 2021

One News Page “Solar power and desalination to be efficiently linked for first time in new project”, 3 August 2021

The Environment "Sun, Salt and Saudi Megacities" - The magazine for the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) – December 2020/January 2021

BRINK online “Using the Sun to Convert Seawater Into Drinking Water”, 5 March 2020

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Recent publications

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