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Cherry Diggle

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I am a Senior Lecturer in Law and also the 3rd Year Tutor. I am module leader and lecturer in Land Law, along with the conducting of tutorials for this subject. I also share the teaching of tutorials for Contractual Obligations. I developed a module in Medical Law and Ethics and am module leader for this 3rd year option module. This is a very popular module which is heavily ethics based. This module covers interesting medical issues such as; Creation of Life (IVF, designer babies, genetic engineering etc); End of Life (termination of life, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide etc); Organ transplantation and Medical Clinical Negligence are some of the subjects discussed from a medical/legal perspective.

I both enjoy and encourage lively discussion and participation in lectures and tutorials. I find that by explaining the law through the use of practical examples, wherever possible, students are helped to grasp the relevant legal concepts in a more relaxed and engaging manner. It is a joy for me to see understanding and confidence grow in my students.

Previously, before teaching, I worked in Crown Courts for several Queen's Counselors on large criminal cases, for example a large armed robbery case and the Lincoln Prison Mutiny. This involved preparing case files for the QCs, attending and interviewing our clients in many Category A prisons and attending the trials in Crown Court. This ignited my passion for law and embarked me on a study of the subject. What this experience taught me was the value of being able to explain a complicated piece of law in an understandable manor so that the client could understand what was taking place in their trial. It also taught me that law is about people and not just facts.

Teaching responsibilities

Module leader in Land law - lectures and tutorials.

This is a subject that many law students find dry and difficult to grasp. Over the six years that I have taught the subject I have tried to develop in in a manner that makes it more comprehensible for my students to enable them to better understand it. I make the tutorials for this subject lively and entertaining and from the positive feedback I receive from the students, they appear to enjoy these.    

Tutor in the Law of Contractual Obligations. This is a first year subject and I share in the teaching of these tutorials. They are lively and interactive as I introduce the students to the excitement of studying law.

Module leader in Medical Law and Ethics. This is one of the most popular 3rd year options modules for the students as there is always a large uptake for this subject. I do not teach this as a lecture base module but the class is broken into smaller groups and are given medical dilemmas where the ethical issues are discussed and debated. There are media presentations of actual medical dilemmas where the students get to discuss their views before hearing the deliberations and decisions of actual hospital ethic committees. Most comments from students state that they have never studied a law subject in this manner and wish that the module was a year through subject.

Professional interests

I enjoy attending MedicoLegal dinner and talks where I can meet people with similar interests to mine and listen to some very valuable talks.

Research interests

Having completed my postgraduate degree in the area of Medical law and Ethics and having a keen interest in ethical ideals, my research is in the areas of the value of sanctity of life perceptions as a parameter by which to regulate end of life decision making. I also have particular interests in the fields of the regulation of stem-cell technology, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and both the ethical and legal dimensions underpinning emergent thinking on human enhancement.

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  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy



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Additional interests and activities

I have organised and taken students from various universities in England and Scotland on two trips to Honduras in Central America, the second poorest nation. The first group raised enough funds to buy 1,200 pairs of shoes and were able to give every person who lives and works on the city dump a new pair of shoes. Last year the group bought shoes for every person in a village and provided a weeks' worth of food supplies to every house in the village. 

This year I will be joining other teachers from Derby Law School to take 30 students to The Hague for four days to visit the International Law Courts and other points of interest.

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