Charlotte Hargreaves

Charlotte Hargreaves

Position: Head of Criminology and Social Sciences and Deputy Head of Department

College: College of Business, Law and Social Sciences

Department: Law, Criminology and Social Sciences

Subject area: Criminology

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I am currently Head of Criminology and Social Sciences and Deputy Head of Department.

Teaching responsibilities

As a previous practitioner in youth justice and trainer of youth justice professionals, I specialise in teaching modules with a youth justice focus at Level 6.  At Level 4 I teach on the Crime and Society module. I also supervise dissertation projects for both under and post graduates.

Research interests

My research interests are in young people in the youth justice system, social exclusion, drug and alcohol misuse, mental ill health, school exclusion and disaffection. 

Membership of professional bodies

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Member of the British Society of Criminology (BSC)
  • Member of the Howard League for Penal Reform 
  • Member of National Association for Youth Justice (NAYJ) 
  • Member of the Yorkshire Association for Youth Justice (YAYJ) 


  • MA Academic Practice (Nottingham Trent University)
  • PGCHE (Nottingham Trent University)
  • MA Social Research (Leeds University)
  • BA Sociology and Social Policy (Leeds University)

Recent publications

  • 2015 Hargreaves,C., Noor-Mohamed, J. and Hodgson, P.(2015) An Evaluation of Derby’s Priority Families Programme’ Derby University, Derby
  • 2014 Hargreaves, C,. Noor-Mohamed, J. and Hodgson, P. (2014) ‘An Independent Evaluation of Nottingham’s Drug Aware Programme‘, Derby University, Derby
  • 2010 6, P., Fletcher-Morgan, C., Leyland, K. (2010)  Making People More Responsible: The Blair Governments’ Programme for Changing Citizens’ Behaviour’ ‘Political Studies’ Vol 58:3 pp.427-449
  • 2005 Kendall, S, Kinder, K, Johnson, A., Fletcher-Morgan, C., and White, R.  (2005) ‘A Further Study of the Effects of Alternative Education Initiatives – Home Office Online Report 07/05’ London: Research and Statistics Directorate
  • 2003 Kendall,S,. Kinder, K. and Fletcher-Morgan, C. (2003) ‘An Evaluation of Alternative Educational Initiatives’.  London, DfES
  • 2003 Halsey, K., Johnson, A., Kinder, K. and Fletcher-Morgan, C. (2003) ‘An Evaluation of Truancy Sweeps’. Slough, NFER
  • 2002 Downing, D. and Fletcher-Morgan, C. (2002) ‘Missing Out: Young People Excluded From School’. Slough, NFER
  • 2002 Wilkin, A. and Fletcher-Morgan, C. ‘Excellence in Cities: Learning Support Units’ Slough, NFER.

Recent conferences

  • Hargreaves, C. (2015) Enhancing engagement in criminological teaching'.  DeLIte Conference.  Nottingham Trent University.  June 2015
  • Hodgson.  P. and  Hargreaves, C (2015) Youth Restorative Disposals- Findings from a Cohort study. British Society of Criminology. University of Portsmouth 30th June – 3rd July 2015 
  • Hargreaves. C and Hodgson, P. (2015) Working with Troubled Families in a Local Context'  7th Asian Criminological Society Conference- June 2015 City University of Hong Kong
  • Hodgson.  P. and  Hargreaves. C (2015) “Is diversion the best policy? A follow up study of young people who undertook a Youth Restorative Disposal during the previous twelve months. 7th Asian Criminological Society Conference- June 28th – July 1st 2015 City University of Hong Kong
  • Trovati, M;  Hodgson, P. Hargreaves, C.  (2015) A preliminary Investigation on a Semi-Automatic Criminology Intelligence Extraction Method: A Big Data Approach.  International  Conference on Intelligent networking and collaborative Systems. Tapei, Taiwan, Sept 2-4 June
  • Hargreaves, C. (2015) 'Priority Families: An Evaluation'.  Derby City Council launch event:  Phase Two Priority Family Programme.  February 2015. 

Experience in industry

I have had 15 years of experience within the youth justice industry, as a trainer, a pracitioner and a researcher.

Nottingham Trent University 

During my time with Nottingham Trent University, I trained youth justice pracititioners from across the county on a variety of courses written in conjunction with the Youth Justice Board.

Youth Offending Service

I have worked within the youth justice field in both a generic capacity as a case worker taking a lead role in report writing and in a specialist remit, with responsibility for the educational wellbeing of young offenders in the locality.  During my time with Derbyshire Youth Offending Service, I established a regular forum comprising educational specialists including local head teachers, pastoral workers and behaviour support staff to consider the future of young people on the verge of being excluded and undertook whole service quality assurance exercises.

National Foundation for Educational Research

As a researcher for the NFER I specialised in research with young people who were excluded from and/or disaffected from mainstream schooling settings for sponsors such as the Home Office, Department for Education and the Local Governement Association.  I also spent time working with a range of different youth offending services looking at offence specific programmes.

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