Dr Callum Osler

Position: Lecturer in Human and Exercise Physiology / Programme Leader for MRes Sport and Exercise

College: College of Life & Natural Sciences

Department: Life Sciences

Subject area: Sport and Exercise

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I am involved in teaching, student supervision and research within the Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science area. I teach mainly physiology and also provide supervision to a number of undergraduate and postgraduate students. My research has primarily focused on understanding the control of human balance.

Teaching responsibilities

  • Principles of sport and exercise physiology (Level 4, Module Leader)
  • Physiological assessment for sport, exercise and health (Level 5, Module Leader)
  • Applied sports physiology (Level 6, Module Leader)
  • Advanced sport and exercise physiology (Level 7, Module Leader)
  • Independent research (Level 7, Module Leader)

Research interests

My main research interests lie within the field of human balance control.

I am interested in how we use our senses to maintain upright posture. My work has predominantly used electrical vestibular stimulation to investigate balance and orientation reflexes. I recently used this technique in older adults to investigate whether the vestibular control of balance is affected by ageing. In addition to studying the vestibular system, I have conducted research examining the effect of light touch and interpersonal contact on the control of balance.

I am also interested in the interaction between exercise and balance control. This includes investigating how exercise programmes can be used to reduce fall risk in older adults.

Enquiries from prospective postgraduate researchers are welcome at any time.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Member of the Physiological Society
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)


  • BSc (Hons), University of Birmingham (2008)
  • PhD, University of Birmingham (2012)
  • PGCHE, Univeristy of Derby (2014)

Recent publications

  • Lakie M, Vernooij CA, Osler CJ, Stevenson AT, Scott JPR and Reynolds RF (2015). Increased gravitational force reveals the mechanical, resonant nature of physiological tremor. The Journal of Physiology, 593.19, 4411-4422.
  • Reynolds RF, Osler CJ, Tersteeg MCA and Loram ID (2015). Rebuttal from Raymond Reynolds, Callum Osler, Linda Tersteeg and Ian Loram. The Journal of Physiology, 593.14, 2987.
  • Reynolds RF, Osler CJ, Tersteeg MCA and Loram ID (2015). Crosstalk opposing view: Fear of falling does not influence vestibular-evoked balance responses. The Journal of Physiology, 593.14, 2983-2984.
  • Reynolds RF and Osler CJ (2014). Mechanisms of interpersonal sway synchrony and stability. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 11(101), 20140751.
  • Osler CJ, Tersteeg MCA, Reynolds RF and Loram ID (2013). Postural threat differentially affects the feedforward and feedback components of the vestibular-evoked balance response. European Journal of Neuroscience, 38, 3239-3247.
  • Osler CJ and Reynolds RF (2012). Dynamic transformation of vestibular signals for orientation. Experimental Brain Research, 223, 189-197.
  • Reynolds RF and Osler CJ (2012). Galvanic vestibular stimulation produces sensations of rotation consistent with activation of semicircular canal afferents. Frontiers in Neurology, 3, 104.
  • Osler CJ and Reynolds RF (2012). Postural reorientation does not cause the locomotor after-effect following rotary locomotion. Experimental Brain Research, 220, 231-237.

Recent conferences

  • Osler CJ and Reynolds RF (2013). Ageing and the vestibular control of balance. 9th Meeting of the British Society of Neuro-Otology. (Invited Oral Communication)
  • Osler CJ, Bancroft M, Southall H and Reynolds RF (2013). Ageing differentially affects the short and medium latency motor responses evoked by stochastic vestibular stimulation. Proceedings of the 37th Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences, PCA246. (Poster Communication)
  • Osler CJ (2013). Effect of ageing on vestibular control of balance. The Vestibular System: from laboratory to clinic. (Oral Communication)
  • Osler CJ and Reynolds RF (2013). Age-related changes in the vestibular control of balance. Progress in Motor Control IX conference. (Poster Communication)

Additional interests and activities

  • Vice-chair of the Human Sciences Research Ethics Committee
  • Winner of the Physiological Society Poster Competition at the 37th Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS)
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Physiology
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Neurophysiology
  • Reviewer for the European Journal of Sport Science
  • Reviewer for the European Journal of Neuroscience

International experience

I have presented my research findings at a number of international conferences:

  • 6th International Posture Symposium (Smolenice, Slovakia)
  • Progress in Motor Control IX (Montreal, Canada)

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