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Dr Briony Norton

Postdoctoral Researcher


College of Life and Natural Sciences


School of Environmental Sciences


I am a research ecologist working primarily in urban environments. Currently I am working with Dr Andrew Ramsey and Professor David Sheffield along with local and international collaborators on habitat connectivity in urban environments.

Research interests

My research focuses on how we can plan and manage cities and towns to support biodiversity, while considering the needs and preferences of people. I work across multiple scales, from seeking to understand how the form of cities influences the structure of plant and animal communities, to testing the effectiveness of local-scale plantings for biodiversity. This requires collaboration with people from a range of disciplines, and I work with engineers, architects, social scientists and psychologists, as well as with land managers. At the University of Derby, in collaboration with academic colleagues and external collaborators, I am looking to understand how we can make habitat in the city better connected for wildlife across both public and private land.

Membership of professional bodies


Recent publications

Norton BA, Bending GD, Clark R, Corstanje R, Dunnett N, Evans KL, Grafius DR, Gravestock E, Grice SM, Harris JA, Hilton S, Hoyle H, Lim E, Mercer TG, Pawlett M, Pescott OL, Richards JP, Southon GE, Warren PH. Urban meadows as an alternative to short mown grassland: effects of composition and height on biodiversity. Ecological Applications (in press).

Hoyle H.E., Norton BA, Dunnett N, Richards JP, Russell JM, Warren PH (2018). Plant species or flower colour diversity? Identifying the drivers of public and invertebrate response to designed urban meadows. Landscape and Urban Planning 180: 103–113.

Norton BA, Evans KL, Warren PH (2016). Urban biodiversity and landscape ecology: patterns, processes and planning. Current Landscape Ecology Reports 1: 178–192.

Inger R, Per E, Cox DTC, Norton BA, Gaston KJ (2016). Role of vertebrate scavengers in urban ecosystems. Ecology and Evolution 619: 7015-7023.

Norton BA, Coutts AM, Livesley SJ, Harris RJ, Hunter AM, and Williams NSG (2015). Planning for cooler cities: a framework to prioritise green infrastructure to mitigate high temperatures in urban landscapes. Landscape and Urban Planning 134: 127-138.

Norton BA, Thomson LJ, Williams NSG, and McDonnell MJ (2014). The effect of urban ground covers on arthropods: an experiment. Urban Ecosystems 17: 77-99.


For a full list of publications, see ResearchGate.