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Bev Reardon

Schools and Colleges Liaison Tutor

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College of Arts, Humanities and Education


Markeaton Street, Derby Campus



I am Schools and Colleges Liaison Tutor for Academic Outreach. My role draws upon my creative and teaching experience, requiring creative thinking, problem solving, networking, good organisational skills and working under pressure to deadlines.

I'm focused on relationship building with post-16 education providers, employers, trusts, charities, funders and other organisations within Art, Engineering and Technology.

Leading a dedicated team of subject-expert academics and researchers, I create and develop activities and experiences for post-16 students to get a real, hands-on feel for university and the subject area of their choice, liaising with prospective students, parents and teachers to enable a clear progression path and transition to university.

I created and manage both the University's 'Women in Engineering' event and 'STEMpunk' which specifically promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects to a younger audience along with their parents. I'm involved with numerous STEM projects, activities and research with the aim of educating and informing parents and children about the 'hidden STEM careers' available, along with progression pathways and opportunities through hands-on activities and events.

I was one of the lead developers of the Art-based Nature Connections Festival with Chris Packham and successfully managed the content, programme and logistics for both events.

My main aim and focus is to raise aspirations and fuel the enthusiasm of prospective students and their families. I'm passionate about my role and I believe that education is the key to social mobility and increased opportunity for those who wish to open the door.

'Potbank', my current area of research, centres on the pottery industry and the lives of ex-workers who are living with dementia. This is an Art-based project with many strands, some of which are firmly rooted in Technology and Engineering. As I work across these three areas, I am fortunate to be able to bring them together and utilise expert advice and practice.

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