Bev Reardon

Position: Schools and Colleges Liaison Tutor

College: College of Arts, Humanities and Education

Department: Art and Design, Mechanical Engineering and the Built Environment, Media and Performing Arts

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Schools and Colleges Liaison Tutor- Academic Outreach

My role draws upon my creative and teaching experience, requiring creative thinking, problem solving, networking, good organisatonal skills and working under pressure to deadlines.

I create and develop activities and experiences for (mainly) post 16 students to get a real, hands on feel for university and the subject area of their choice. In addition to this, I promote Art, Design, Media, Performance and Engineering courses at the University of Derby to both teachers, parents and students via external events, school/college visits and tours and Teaching Advisory Boards.  I also work with external agencies on projects and research such as Derwentwise and Creative Apprenticeships.

Examples of this are Teacher's Night, Women in Engineering, STEMpunk Extravaganza, Nature Connected Festival, The Big Show- Schools and Colleges Day, Derby Theatre Schools performances and Faraday Challenge.

I created and manage the university's STEMpunk brand which specifically promotes STEM to a younger audience along with their parents. I'm a STEM Ambassador and currently involved with numerous STEM projects, activities and research with the aim of educating and informing parents and children about the 'hidden' STEM careers available along with progression pathways and opportunities through 'hands on' activities and events.


Along with liaison, progression and partnerships with schools and colleges, I also work with employers and external agencies such as IET, Derby Museums, NAWIC, The National Forest, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, STEMNET, DEBP, By Design, The Big Bang, EDT and various arts organisations to raise aspirations and fuel the enthusiasm of prospective students and their families.I'm passionate about my role ......and I believe that education is the key to social mobility and increased opportunity for those who wish to open the door.

Research interests

  • Graphic Design and Communication
  • Religious Iconography
  • Symbolism
  • Railway Posters C 1923-1948
  • Ancient cultures, religions and symbols
  • Poster Design
  • Freemasonry


  • Routes for Women into STEM subjects
  • Participation of girls into STEM subjects
  • Barriers to learning
  • Attitudes to learning- social groups, parents, children
  • Visual images- subliminal messages, unintended consequences


  • Ecopsycholgy
  • Health and Well Being
  • Nature Connectedness
  • Possible Health risks regarding EMF’s, Radio Waves and PylonsLocal History and associated documentationSuffragism and the suffragette movement


  • Cert. Ed
  • P.G.C.P.S.E (open)
  • M.A

Additional interests and activities

  • Local History
  • Photography
  • Landscape Archaeology
  • Connecting with Nature/Ecopsychology

Experience in industry

  • 6 years industry experience in Graphic Design
  • 10 years industry experience in creative and design led roles for the ceramics industry

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