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Dr Anil Kumar


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I am a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in area of Decision Sciences at Centre for Supply Chain Improvement, University of Derby, United Kingdom (UK). For the last eight years,  I have been associated with teaching and research, which I love to do.

I have contributed more than 40 research papers in international referred and national journals, and conferences at international and national level. Because of my mathematics academic background, I have sound analytical capabilities to handle commercial consultancy projects and to deliver business improvement projects.

Teaching responsibilities

My teaching areas are: Statistics for Management, Research Methodology, Business Research Methods, Multivariate Models and Methods, Quantitative Techniques, Management Science, Marketing Research, Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Consumer Analytics, Business Mathematics, Synthesizing and Analysing Data, Operation Research, Operation Management, Supply Chain and Analytics, Fuzzy Theory, Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making (FMCDM) etc.

Professional interests

Research interests

Skills and Expertise: advance statistics models, multivariate analysis, multi-criteria decision making, fuzzy theory, fuzzy optimization, fuzzy multi-criteria decision making, grey theory and analysis, application of soft-computing, econometrics models.

Applications: sustainability, green/sustainable supply chain management, sustainable and green manufacturing, customer retention, green purchasing behaviour, sustainable procurement, sustainable development, circular economy, industry 4.0, performance measurement, human capital (human factors) in supply chain and logistics, decision modelling for sustainable business, and integration of my area of research with others areas etc.

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