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Dr Amy Baraniak

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Amy Baraniak


College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


School of Psychology

Research centre

University Professorial Council


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus


Teaching responsibilities

I am the course director for the campus-based MSc Health Psychology programme.


Module Leadership:

Family Health Psychology (UG L6)

Living with Long Term Conditions (PG L7)

Empirical Research Project (PG L7)

Theories and Models of Behaviour (PG L7)


I contribute to other modules, particularly health psychology and clinical applications of psychology.

I supervise undergraduate and postgraduate student projects in areas related to health and illness, using either quantitative or qualitative methods.

Professional interests

I am an active member of the committee for the Division of Health Psychology.

Research interests

My research interests centre around two key headlines.

1. Health and wellbeing of students (primarily undergraduate) in education

Projects in this area relate to understanding what we can do better in higher education to support the health and wellbeing of students, particularly those who come to university with one or more long term physical health conditions.  Current projects include studies to understand the prevalence of psychological distress in students with and without a long term condition.  This work involves partnering with Student Wellbeing services to understand these issues with a view to informing how we can best support students to manage their condition well whilst studying. 

2. Health and wellbeing of informal carers

Projects in this area relate to understanding what the key influences are on the health and wellbeing of informal carers.  This work involves partnering with Derbyshire Carers Association to understand carer wellbeing, to determine what we can do better to support the health and wellbeing of carers in Derby and to develop a local strategy to maximise carer wellbeing.  

Membership of professional bodies

Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society.

HCPC registered Health Psychologist



Recent conferences

Experience in industry

My early career was based within Primary Health Care, where I worked with clinical and non-clinical staff to maximise achievement through the Quality and Outcomes Framework and Enhanced Services.  I was responsible for the delivery of a number of psychologically-based interventions for the management of mild-moderate mental health issues, smoking cessation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. I lead the development of services within primary care under the (then) Practice-Based Commissioning policy.

Recent publications