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Dr Alice Doherty

Academic Lead for Psychology and Course Director

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College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


University of Derby Online Learning

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Human Sciences Research Centre





I am a multidisciplinary teacher with varied teaching experience in a range of subjects including Psychology and English as a Foreign Language. I have worked predominantly within a HE setting however I have also taught in a variety of settings including a secondary school in Germany. 

I am a passionate pedagogue with a proven ability to produce and deliver innovative online teaching materials and an Associate of the Higher Education Academy. After working as a part-time tutor throughout my PhD I gained a teaching post in the School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham. Within this role I designed and developed a series of Technology Enhanced Skills workshops; this fuelled my interest in the design of online courses.

Teaching responsibilities

The courses I currently teach on are: 

Research interests

My research interests are in first and second language processing. In particular, I focus on how we integrate competing information in order to resolve sentence-level ambiguities. In my PhD I explored how native and non-native speakers integrate different types of information such as real-world knowledge, sentence structure, and language-experience in order to interpret pronouns (e.g. him, her, them).

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Recent publications

  • Durrant & Doherty (2010) Are high-frequency collocations psychologically real? Investigating the thesis of collocational priming. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, 6(2), 125-155.
  • Doherty, & Conklin, The influence of gender expectancy on the processing of gender and number mismatching pronouns. Submitted to QJEP. (revise and resubmit)
  • Doherty, Conklin, van Heuven (2011) The role of gender expectancy in the processing of gender and number-Mismatching Pronouns, poster presented at AMLaP, Paris Descartes University, Paris
  • Doherty, Conklin, van Heuven & Grainger (2010). 'When “he” becomes inanimate. Activation of grammatical gender information during English pronoun processing by French-English bilinguals', poster presented at AMLaP, University of York, York
  • Doherty, Conklin, van Heuven & Grainger (2010) 'Gender cues versus sentence structure: Interacting constraints in the resolution of French pronouns', poster presentation at AMLaP, University of York, York
  • Doherty, Conklin, & van Heuven (2010) 'Processing of pronouns with number mismatch by native and nonnative English speakers: Evidence from Eye-tracking', Poster presented at the 23rd annual CUNY conference on Human Sentence Processing, CUNY, New York
  • Doherty, Conklin, van Heuven, & Grainger (2010). 'Immediate or delayed use of French grammatical gender in the resolution of French Pronouns: Evidence from the visual world', 2010, poster presented at CUNY, New York
  • Doherty, Conklin & van Heuven (2009). 'Processing of pronouns with number mismatch by native and nonnative English speakers: Evidence from Eye-tracking' poster presented at AMLaP, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona