Dr Ali Akbar


Lecturer in Social and Community Studies

Ali Akbar


Social Sciences


College of Health, Psychology and Social Care



Research centre

Health and Social Care Research Centre


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus




I am a social and community studies lecturer at the College of Health, Psychology and Social work at the University of Derby. Before that, I worked as a researcher in inclusion at the Institute of Education, University of Derby. 

Before Joining the university of Derby,  I worked at the University of Lahore, Minhaj university, Lahore and Punjab Group of colleges.

Teaching responsibilities

I am a module leader and currently teaching

I also contribute to 

Research interests

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Membership of professional bodies

Fellowship of HEA


Recent conferences

Ali, A. (2022) Inclusive teaching and supporting children and young people with ASD in mosque spiritual activities', Minhaj University Lahore Pakistan. Sep, 30.

Ali, A. (2021) ' Using phenomenology for exploring religiously sensitive issues', East Anglia University, July 7. 

Ali, A. (2021) 'Exploring Imams' perspectives on teaching religiously sensitive issues in multicultural classrooms' Bera. Sep,16

Ali, A. (2021) " Teaching strategies for inclusive teaching of the critical interpretation of the Quran in Muslim-faith Institutues', BESA. June, 25

Ali, A. (2019) ' Prevent Myth & Reality', Al-Hidaya, August 16.

Ali, A. (2018) ' School and parents relations in the context of Prevent Duty', Staffordshire University, May 26. 

Ali, A. (2015) ' Islam and Modern Day Slavery', Tackling Modern Day Slavery Conference. December, 15

Pannelist Discussion

Ali, A. (2017) Al-Hidaya Gender Equality. Sep, 21

Ali, A. (2022) Crisis and Hope panel debate, Derby Cathedral, June 8

Ali, A. (2022) Climate, Faith and Peace, Derby Cathedral, Sep, 22

Training Deliver

Ali, A. (2022) ' Religious Diversity Training', University of Derby. 

Ali, A. (2022) ' Overcoming Islamophobia', University of Derby. May, 24

Ali, A. (2022) ' Islam and Disability, University of Derby Nov, 17

Ali, A. ( 2022) learning from a role model, MS, UK, Nov, 22

Ali, A. (2022) ' Conflict Resolution in Islamic theology', MS UK, DEc, 3

Experience in industry

I have been working with faith communities and building bridges since 2013 and won the mosque-church twinning programme silver award in 2017. 

I have also been part of the Erasmus project Joinme2 and the team developing a portal for Inclusive education.

International experience

I have taught in Pakistan, Sweden & UK.

In the media

BBC: Child Sexual Abuse (2015) West Midlands, December, 10

BBC: Derby Radio (2022). Teaching sensitive issues in the context of Bartley Grammar School. April, 21

BBC: Derby Radio (2022) Ukrainian War: Muslim Community response, July, &. 

Ramadan Radio Walsall   Community Show. 2010 to 2017. 

Recent publications

Ali, A. (2022) The effective teaching of the critical interpretation of the Quran in multilingual classrooms. Manchester: Savvy Publication

Ali, A., Codeina, G, Shepherd, R (2022) Equality and Diversity in Higher Education UK (Book Ch submitted for publication)

Ali, A; Codina, G (2022) Representation of disability in the Quran ( Under Review)