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Adam Long

Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Programme Coordinator for Forensic Science

Adam Long conducting a fingerprint examination in the Forensics lab


Forensic Science


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School of Human Sciences


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I am a senior lecturer and Undergraduate Programme Coordinator for Forensic Science within the discipline of Forensic Science.

Teaching responsibilities

I am responsible for teaching Forensic Science across all undergraduate degree programmes and am the Undergraduate Programme Coordinator for Forensic Science.

Professional interests

Forensic and Applied Science with particular emphasis towards fingerprints, fingermarks and identification.


Research interests

Fingerprint detection and enhancement techniques and factors which affect their deposition, longevity, enhancement, recovery and identification.


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Graduate qualifications

Post-Graduate Research qualifications

Experience in industry

Prior to joining the University of Derby, I was employed by The Forensic Science Service Ltd for over 12 years as a Forensic Scientist. My career began in their Research and Development department where I worked on a number of related research projects including DNA miniatuirsation and microfluidics, microarray technology for human identification and novel DNA mutation detection assays.

I transferred into live operational forensic casework in 2005, examining items for the presence of biological evidence including blood and other DNA yielding materials, hairs, fibres, other phyisical evidence types and more specifically fingermarks. I performed chemical and physical fingermark development and enhancement techniques as well as record via digital means any such developed fingermarks, footwear marks or other marks in my capacity as imaging specialist.

I routinely undertook both manual and electronic fingerprint comparisons (using the National Automated Fingerprint Identification Software - IDENT1) having spent an extended period of time on attachement to West Midlands Police Fingerprint Bureau.

Research posts

Additional interests and activities

Current Activities / Links with Industry

I maintain strong commercial links with former colleagues from The Forensic Science Service and West Midlands Police as well as other private Forensic providers.  I also work closely as employability lead with East Midland Special Operations Unit (EM-SOU).

Recent publications

Thandauthapani T. D., Reeve A. J., Long A. S., Turner I. J., Sharpe J. S. (2018). Exposing latent fingermarks on problematic metal surfaces using time of flight secondary ion mass spectroscopy. [online] Science and Justice; Available at: <> [Accessed 20 September 2018]