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Lecturer in Journalism

Has a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies and an MA in Broadcast Journalism. After spending two years as a broadcast journalist in radio, he made the move to Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, where he was responsible for the

College Head of Executive Education and Enterprise Development

Alexandra Charles is College Head of Executive Education and Enterprise Development. Through its work with business and business leaders, her team has global impact as a high quality provider of innovative work integrated and applied learning

Postgraduate Research Student

Alexandra is a first-year postgraduate research student researching fundamental movement skills, physical activity, and balance during early childhood. 

Postgraduate Research Student

Alexandra is a postgraduate research student whose PhD research is to examine how parents understand autism and their child’s unique autism traits.

Academic Lead for Psychology and Course Director

Dr Alice Doherty, Academic lead for psychology, is a multidisciplinary teacher with varied teaching experience in a range of subjects including Psychology and English as a Foreign Language.

Lecturer in English Language

Alice is a Lecturer in English Language, specialising in literary linguistics.

Lecturer in Dance | Programme Leader Dance – Déda

Choreography is at the core of Alice’s practice, exploring digital projection and dance with her company Adaire to Dance. This research feeds into her teaching on the MA Dance & Choreography and she is committed to training and nurturing

Programme Leader for School Direct PGCE (Secondary), Senior Lecturer in Postgraduate Initial Teacher Education

Dr Alision Hardman is a Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education (Postgraduate) and School Direct.

Occupational Therapist

Alison works one day a week for the University of Derby and the rest of the week in independent Occupational Therapy practice.

Programme Leader MSc Advanced Occupational Therapy, Acting Programme Leader MSc Hand Therapy

As an Occupational Therapist and programme leader for the post registration MSc Advanced Occupational Therapy, Alison's interests lie in promoting career development opportunities for Occupational Therapists.

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