Understanding Maths Anxiety video transcript

Hello, I’m Dr Dominic Petronzi author of the Understanding Maths Anxiety short course at the University of Derby Online Learning.

Maths anxiety or a fear of working with numbers has been well researched in adult populations and has a strong association with lower maths performance but we’re only just beginning to understand how and why this develops in children. Research suggests that this can be when numbers are first encountered and many children’s performance starts to decline from as early as 4 years of age.

The Understanding Maths Anxiety course allows educators and parents alike to explore and understand this educational obstruction. From looking at the distinctiveness of maths anxiety, to understanding how important brain components are compromised by intrusive thoughts that lead to a performance deficit.

This course also provides you with a fully validated assessment scale that can be used with children of ages 4 to 7 to understand how they feel when they work with numbers. You’ll also explore direct input from young children surrounding a range of factors that influence their early experiences and attitudes towards maths.

Broken down into four manageable units, the Understanding Maths Anxiety course can be completed flexibly around your schedule and is entirely online based.

For more information and to apply visit derby.ac.uk/online.

Understanding Maths Anxiety video

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