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Maths anxiety is commonly experienced, though not widely understood. An apprehension faced by many people of all ages, affecting children and young people in their schooling and education.

Recognising maths anxiety and being able to provide the necessary coaching and guidance is key to helping children and young people or adults to overcome this apprehension and reduce the barriers that it may create in their daily lives.

This professional development course provides an introductory overview of maths anxiety and its impact on participation and performance. It also considers the influence that teachers, parents and educators may have on a child’s learning and attitude towards maths.

Who is the course for?

This professional development course is ideally suited to those working in primary education and any educational institution looking to improve pupil’s learning outcomes in Maths, though it is open to anyone wishing to better understand the subject. It will be of particular interest to people in roles such as:

This professional development course will provide you with:

Dr Dominic Petronzi introduces the Understanding Maths Anxiety short course

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Structure, certificates and assessment

You will study this course 100% online. It comprises a range of activities including:

There is no obligation for you to undertake every activity, but being involved in all aspects of the course will help you to achieve a well-rounded knowledge.

There is no graded assessment. Instead, you will receive a badge for each completed Unit, and then upon completion of the whole course, you will be awarded with an e-certificate.

We are proud to be accredited by The British Psychological Society and for our Understanding Maths Anxiety course to be approved by the society.

Accredited by The British Psychological Society

An accredited provider of the CPD Standards Office

We are proud to be an accredited provider of the CPD Standards Office for our online short courses and free courses, demonstrating that they conform to CPD best practice and are appropriate for inclusion in a formal CPD record.

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Course units

The course is made up of 4 units, each will require approximately 5 hours of study.

The content of unit is guided by professionally recognised theory and evidence:

In this unit, you will reflect on personal experiences and attitudes towards maths, as well as look at the definition of maths anxiety and how it differs to other forms of anxiety and anxieties in other subjects. This unit considers the factors associated with maths anxiety and will look at how to measure and analysis levels of maths anxiety using an effective maths anxiety assessment scale.

This unit pays close attention to the thought processes of a person that might have a negative association between maths anxiety and emotional responses. It also looks at how the anxiety impacts working memory and performance, and by experiencing maths test conditions and the ‘affective drop’, you will reflect on your feelings and how they influenced your performance during the tests.

In this unit, you will appraise and trial the Numeracy Apprehension Scale to understand how maths anxiety can be measured in younger children. This unit will look at the differences between children’s positive and negative attitudes towards maths, as well as looking at maths anxiety factors previously identified by research whilst considering insight from maths experts.

This unit looks at the influences that teachers and parents have on children’s learning and attitudes towards maths and why this is an issue. It also looks at contemporary issues faced by parent and teachers.

Learning outcomes


This learner led course is open for continuous enrolment, which means it can be studied at any time and delivered 100% online, allowing you to manage your studies around work and family commitments. This is a self-guided course which involves reflective activities to assess subject understanding. Our online short courses are designed to be intellectually stimulating, thought provoking and rewarding.

Fees and funding

Fee: £99 (includes VAT)

Course requirements

The course is widely available for anyone to take part in regardless of age, location or education status.

However, there are some basic requirements. You will need access to the internet whether it is on your PC, tablet, mobile or other electronic devices, as well as a valid email address to register with our online learning environment in order to take part in the course.

You will need to agree to the terms and conditions before you start the course which will be available when you enrol.

Learners should have an understanding of the English Language and the ability to study in English.

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