Bridging the Dementia Divide video transcript

There are thirty five point six million people living worldwide with dementia.

This number will double by 2030 and triple by 2050. Many people think that almost all people with dementia are living in isolation, in hospital or at the end of their life.

The reality of living with dementia is quite different; most people lead a full and independent life and are very far from death.

In this course we’ll discover more about dementia, considering how you can be compassionate and also help people to maintain their independence.

We’ll ask what the world is doing in response to dementia and question how we can integrate health and social care services to improve collaborative care.

We’ll also talk about the end of life with the understanding that this is just the end of a long journey.

We’ll hear from experts at the University of Derby, clinicians in practise and carers of people living with dementia who are helping to challenge the myths, stereotypes and stigma associated with this life changing condition.

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