Vicky Cockerill introduces the Child and Adolescent Mental Health course video transcript

This online course will provide an overview of some of the common mental and emotional health issues that can be experienced by children and young people and will consider the impacts that these issues may have for the young person and their families.

The course is designed for those working with young people in education, support or health settings and aims to provide strategies and advice when supporting a child or young person with mental health issues.

You will look at disorder specific models and theories to gain an overall understanding of the features of diagnosis and how disorder will impact on the child or young person.

The course will provide you with some basic support strategies that can be used by workers who do not have a background in child and adolescent mental health in order to minimise difficulties and act as a low level support until more specialised services are obtained.

You will learn to identify the risks and recognise when additional support is required and where to find it.

The course will provide a contextualised framework for practice and will also examine the policy guidelines regarding the implementation of support for children and young people with mental health issues.

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