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1-2 hours

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Self-guided online learning

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Course description

This is the course for you if you have experienced any of the following problems within your organisation:

What is Lean?

Originating from within the manufacturing industry, Lean helps to minimise waste and maximise productivity within an organisation.

The methodology focusses on the total life-cycle of a product or service from raw material through to customer use and disposal. Processes are reviewed to identify where value is added and where wasteful steps (features, materials or finished stock storage, activity, movement) could be removed.

Learning outcomes

The course has three specific aims:

1. To show you how to reduce your lead times

2. Give you the ability to review and improve your quality, costs and delivery

3. Look at ways to release additional production capacity

The course covers the following:

Fees and funding

We are pleased to highlight that this course is being delivered at a fully subsidised rate, meaning there is no cost to your organisation. Contact us on the email address below to find out about ESF funding for SMEs.

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