Core modules:

Mineral Extraction and Transportation (International) (20 credits)
You'll gain an understanding of the social and economic issues associated with the exploration, exploitation and development of an international mineral extraction site. You'll look at the different extraction methods, the loading techniques and the ways in which minerals can be transported.

Mineral Management and Processing (International) (40 credits) 
This module builds on the Mineral Extraction and Transportation (International) module, developing further your knowledge of best practice and guidance relevant to extractives operations worldwide.

You'll develop your knowledge of a range of health, safety and environmental issues, particularly in respect of risk control and the prevention of health and safety incidents. You'll also cover the issues associated with sustainable development, reclamation of mineral workings, minerals planning, managing waste and understanding environmental legislation.

You'll develop your knowledge and understanding of minerals processing and its application within the industry, including feeding, crushing, screening, washing, separation, classification and beneficiation techniques.

Optional modules:

Blasting Operations (20 credits)
You'll develop a greater understanding of the requirements of blasting so that you are able to carry out your responsibilities in a safe and environmentally conscious manner, without risk of causing injury or damage, and to maximise blasting performance whilst optimising overall operating costs.

Business Management (20 credits)
You'll cover the business and financial knowledge and skills that are required to effectively manage a mineral extraction site, a road construction site or related manufacturing facility. You'll cover general management topics, administration and relevant legal implications. You'll also recognise the requirement for the highest standards in respect of health, safety and environmental management.

The University Diploma is achieved on completion of the Mineral Extraction and Transportation and Minerals Management and Processing modules. The additional modules do not have to be studied to gain this award, but will increase your expertise in the area.

How you'll learn

You'll study online wherever you have access to the internet. You can also choose to attend a number of optional weekend tutorials each year at Derby in the UK. These are not compulsory and will not affect your studying if you don't attend. Your learning is also supplemented through online video and guest lecture presentations.

Your programme materials are supplied in an interactive electronic format and are released in stages throughout the year. You'll have full online access to our library and other learning resources.

How you're assessed

You'll be assessed through a combination of exams and assessment.