Compulsory modules

You'll study these compulsory modules on the programme:

Concrete Constituents and Types (20 credits)
This module develops your ability to evaluate the influence of different aggregates, cementitious materials and admixtures on the characteristics of fresh and hardened concrete. You'll get a deeper understanding of the properties of concretes and cementitious mortars used for specialist end uses - including self-compacting, precast and fibre reinforced concrete; and mortars for masonry, render and screed. The module also provides a greater awareness of the health, safety and environmental aspects of producing and using concrete.

Concrete in Construction (20 credits)
In this module you'll develop a deeper understanding of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, including its use in concrete slabs, floors and external paving. The particular characteristics of fresh concrete required for specialist end uses such as pumped, sprayed, foamed and underwater concrete will also be studied. The module will also develop your understanding of the influence of formwork on the surface finish of hardened concrete.

Durable Concrete Structures (20 credits)
This module will give you a deeper understanding of the factors that influence the long term durability of concrete used in structures. You will look at the methods used to investigate and analyse the causes and extent of deterioration in a concrete structure as well as learning about the methods used to repair and protect reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures.

Optional modules

The following modules are optional and can be added to your studies for an additional fee:

Concrete Technology (20 credits)
This module aims to provide you with an understanding of fresh and hardened concrete, its constituents, microstructure and properties, and of its interaction with its exposed environment in order to produce concrete that is fit for purpose and durable using conventional and new materials. The module looks at concrete in the context of its sustainable use in durable structures and covers its environmental impact in terms of the appropriate use of prime resources for constituent materials, and energy consumption covering current and future alternatives to lower this impact. Throughout this module you'll cover cementitious materials including cement replacing materials; natural and recycled aggregates; admixtures; properties of fresh, hardening and hardened concrete for durable structures; standards, specifications and conformity control; production and placing.

Business Management (20 credits)
This module develops the business and financial knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the effective management of a mineral extraction site, a road construction site or a related manufacturing facility. This includes an understanding of the human implications of running a successful business. The module also cultivates an appreciation of the importance of achieving the highest standards of performance in health, safety and the environment, especially in the recognition of the importance of people in developing a positive health and a safety culture.

How you'll learn

You'll study online wherever you have access to the internet. You can also choose to attend a number of optional weekend tutorials each year at Derby in the UK. These are not compulsory and will not affect your studying if you don't attend. Your learning is also supplemented through online video and guest lecture presentations.

Your programme materials are supplied in an interactive electronic format and are released in stages throughout the year. You'll have full online access to our library and other learning resources.

How you're assessed

You'll be assessed through a combination of exams and assessment.