Winning Business - Clean Growth Accelerator video transcript

[Slide appeears on screen with words: Introduction to Value mapping for Pro-Environmental Business slide. Welcome to unit 1: Business Value mapping]

[Dr. Fred Paterson, Lecturer in Business and Management at the University of Derby, speaks on camera]

Hello, I'm Dr. Fred Patterson and I lead the Low-Carbon Business Network for Derby business school at the University of Derby. All of the businesses that I work with in the low-carbon business network offer really exciting low-carbon, green or sustainable goods and services. This unit will help you map the value that your products and services create for; your clients and customers, your stakeholders and the society and the environment more widely. We'll also help you to create a really powerful value proposition that will help you sell your products and services and grow your business. We'll also give you access to business tools and case studies that are more usually found on MBA courses and together this will provide you with a really strong foundation to help you grow your sustainable and pro-environmental business.

Winning Business - Clean Growth Accelerator video

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