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6 hours

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Face to face


Britannia Mill, Derby Campus

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During this workshop, you will learn how to dye various resist pattern materials using indigo and woad. You will gain knowledge in the following areas:

Structure, certificates and assessment

We'll start with an hour-long seminar which will introduce you to the topic and outline what activities you'll be undertaking. During the six hours, we'll demonstrate various techniques, including:

You will then get the chance to try these techniques out for yourself, starting with identifying fibres/materials and indigo dye sources - both natural (indigo and woad) and synthetic - and moving on to patterning and dyeing your different samples in different baths.

You will complete the process by removing resists and cleaning your samples and we'll then end with a final group critical review to analyse and discuss the results - successes and failures - and to consider the sustainability and ethics of the different dye methods used.

There is no certificate or assessment for this workshop.


You will:

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If you wish to make an enquiry about this course, please contact Bev Reardon at

We are no longer accepting applications for this short course, please refer to our short courses page for other opportunities. 
Please contact our Enquiry Team for more information.

Who will teach you

Dr Kate Wells
Programme leader

Kate is a Senior Lecturer in Fashion and Textiles.

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