Weekly sessions:

29/02/2020 Week 1: Jane Stanton

Introduction to Life Drawing – Britannia Mill, Derby Campus

This will be a dynamic drawing session, working from the human body and exploring shapes and forms within and around the body. You will be encouraged to use your powers of observation, combined with your imaginative skills to create exciting images which can be used in all areas of your creative visual work.

Using basic drawing materials such as charcoal, crayon or brushes you will be challenged to work with different scales and sizes, at speed and above all with serious concentration!

07/03/2020 Week 2: Kirstie Adamson

Magazine Collage pop up Seascapes - Markeaton Street, Derby Campus

Magazine Collage Seascape workshops are great for introducing students to this technique. The ripped magazines lend themselves beautifully to creating ocean waves and students can easily see the way the magazines can translate to a finished effective piece. They are also great for individuality, giving students the freedom to choose between suggested items to add to the scene or coming up with their own ideas. Students who work quicker can make either more detailed pieces or multiple collages.

14/03/2020 Week 3: Elizabeth Blades

Story Zine - Markeaton Street, Derby Campus

A session for students to learn the basics of illustration and comic drawing. Students will explore camera angles, character design and create their own short story in this fun and engaging workshop. 

Students will produce a short illustrated story A6 'zine' to take away.

21/03/2020 Week 4: Magdalena Aron

Digital Art Workshop - Markeaton Street, Derby Campus

This workshop will take students from sketching on paper to digital sketching, vector-based art, and provide a basic introduction to animation. Working in a classroom with computers, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom tablets and digital pens, students will learn how to draw using a variety of digital brushes to create a digital depiction on the theme of Bugs and Insects.

28/03/2020 Week 5: Victoria Wilcox

Smartphone Photography Workshop - Markeaton Street, Derby Campus

EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN THREES - The triangle of technique, talent and timing. (This will include the rule of thirds, the golden triangle and leading lines as methods/in practice

SELFIE IMPROVEMENT - But when is a #selfie not a #selfie? The art of portraiture on a smartphone - looking at self portrait approach, working with people and simplifying.

04/04/2020 Week 6: Victoria Wilcox

Smartphone Photography Workshop - Markeaton Street, Derby Campus

INSTA STORIES - How to tell your story within your portable gallery space This will include studying our profiles, brainstorming hashtags, looking at colour themes, jazzing up our bio, editing pictures and cropping, then to top it off, animating Instagram Stories that take our activity to another level.