Student Absence Notifications

The University has an attendance monitoring policy, so it's important that we know when and why you've not been able to attend taught sessions, especially if you’ve been ill or something has happened that has affected your ability to attend. 

To notify us about your absences and the reasons for them, you can email  Tell us:

This process is in place so that we can keep complete attendance records for you, and more importantly, so that we can help you find the support you might need if your reason for absence is something that might affect your study over a longer period of time.

The information you provide will be available for tutors from your registered modules through their own view of UDo and lists of registered students.  However, they may not see it immediately.  If your absence means that you won’t be able to take part in a scheduled activity that might affect others (for example you’re meant to be giving a presentation or taking part in assessed groupwork) you might need to notify your lecturer by email or phone as well.

Remember, the fact that you've emailed does not mean that your absence has been authorised.  Missing buses, car break downs or getting up late aren't the sort of things that you should email in for.  In those instances, you should aim to be in class at the next session, and should catch up on any of sessions you might have missed by checking your Course Resources on UDo. 

You should manage your time and plan in advance for non-illness related absences. So, if you have to make a doctor or dentist appointment in advance, you should try to make it outside the times that you're expected to be in lectures or tutorials.

If your absence means that you’ll miss deadlines for coursework or exams, then you’ll need to look into whether you'll be eligible to apply for Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances (EEC).  Information on EEC is available on UDo.