Our Student Centre Service Standards

We are committed to meeting the service standards set out in our Student Centre charter. We'll outline how we monitor this and our results for 2017/18 academic year.

When you phone us

We check each month against call logs to our Student Centre numbers, and have a voicemail facility for calls received outside our normal working hours. We aim for above 90% of calls to be answered within five rings.

95%of calls answered within five rings

When you email us

We check against our ‘sent items’ to make sure we’re meeting the two-day turnaround time for an initial response.

90%of emails received an initial response in less than one working day**2017/18 academic year
95%of emails were met by our two-day standard during September, our busiest period**2017/18 academic year

Your feedback on our service

We always welcome feedback from our customers and stakeholders. You can feedback to us through our email signature feedback link, direct to our emails or through the ‘Happy cards’ in the Student Centres. On a scale of 1-10, we aim for an average score of above 8 over the academic year.

9.53out of 10 average score**2017/18 academic year

Complaints against the Student Centre Service

While we would always like to have no complaints received against our service, we welcome the feedback and opportunity to review what we do that comes from such complaints. We aim for fewer than 10 complaints against our service in an academic year.

1complaint dealt with and successfully resolved to the complainant's satisfaction**2017/18 academic year

If you would like a breakdown of our performance against standards, please contact studentcentre@derby.ac.uk.

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