External Examiners using Course Resources (Blackboard)

Using Course Resources (Blackboard)

Colleges require External Examiners to access modules within their designated programs. In order for this to happen, a number of management functions need to be carried out; including managing permissions, associating module content and being able to access the uploaded work.

Due to the nature of some programs, these procedures may not be relevant in all cases, but this information is intended to provide overarching guidance to those who are involved in the University's External Examiner activity.

Further tailored guidance can be obtained from college quality administrators.

Complete guide for managing External Examiners on Course Resources (Blackboard)

Instructions for External Examiners (extract from complete guide)

Some external examiners may still be asked to access the Turnitin Submission point or the Course Resources submission point directly. The links below provide advice on how to access these and view students submissions and feedback.