Collaborative provision (including Partnership Review)

Handbook 4 Collaborative Provision

4-A Collaborative Proposal Form (CPF) for Academic Partnerships
4-A1 Programme Approval Form (PAF) Parts A & B for Academic Partnerships
4-A2 Programme Approval Form (PAF) Part C for Academic Partnerships
4-B Partner Approval Document
4-C Operation Manual
4-C1 Operation Manual for UDC Minor Awards
4-D Proposal for Off-Campus Delivery
4-E Site Report
4-F Memorandum of Understanding
4-G Protocol for the Approval of Marketing / Publicity
4-H Application for Accredited Lecturer Status
4-I Closure Action Plan
4-J Notification to CPSC of Partner / Collaborative Arrangements Approval
4-K Schedule for Partnership Review
4-L Partnership Review Report Template
4-M Accredited Lecturer Policy
4-N Visit Policy
4-O Translation Policy
4-P Language Policy
  - External Panel Member Nomination
  - External Review Panel Member Nomination Form (for Partnership Reviews)
4-S Accreditation Toolkit
4-T Definitions and Models of Collaborative Provision
4-U Collaborative Provision Profile
4-V Proposal to develop an articulation agreement
4-W Development and Approval of Dual Degrees
4-X Partnership Review Enhancement Plan template
4-Y Notification of Closure of a Collaboration with a Corporate Partner
4-Z Validation Deadlines for Meeting Conditions