Print information for customers

There are some basic steps we’d like you to follow before handing your work in for printing at the Print Bureau.

Organising your files

Put your files for printing in a separate folder and label the folder with your full name. You can bring us your files on a memory stick, on a CD or DVD, or on a hard drive. We will copy your folder to our desktop. If you can’t come to the Print Bureau in person, you can send us your files using an online file transfer service, such as WeTransfer - it’s free and very easy to use.

File formats and size

There are some exceptions but we can print most file formats, including TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PDF. Our software won’t print Microsoft PowerPoint and Word files. You’ll need to convert these file types to JPEG or PDF. As a rule of thumb this usually means TIFF or JPEG for photographs and PDF for anything else. Please supply your files in a print ready format and at the size you want us to print them at.

We never attempt to edit our customer's images and we don’t offer this as a service.

For photo and fine art papers, we print onto rolls of paper, so your images will be cut flush unless you tell us not to cut them. They will not include a white border unless you have created one and included it as part of your file. For laser printing (up to A3 size only) your image will be printed in the centre of the sheet.

ICC profiles

We've made our own ICC media (colour) profiles which are assigned to your files during the printing process. This ensures a consistent workflow and is aimed at giving you the best possible colour output.

Test prints

Doing test prints can be really helpful to check for colour variations and resolution issues, and may ultimately help to avoid unnecessary expense further down the line. We can print test prints at any size, so it's up to you to supply them exactly at the size you want them. You’ll be charged for test prints according to size. If you’ve asked for tests on lots of different papers, this can take a little longer than two days, so please allow for this.

Turnaround times 

These can vary depending on how busy we are, but as a rule of thumb most print jobs are completed within two working days and up to five working days for printing and mounting. However, this is flexible and we aim to complete most jobs quickly and efficiently, but as all jobs are unique, our time scales are not guaranteed, so please allow more time during busy periods to avoid disappointment. Sorry, we don’t offer a while-you-wait service. Lead times for assignment printing and binding can vary, so please check these before you bring your work in to us.


All our prices are inclusive of VAT. Payment is on collection. *Cards and cash accepted. If you are a member of staff, all we need is the authorisation of the budget holder and your cost-centre code. 

We are here to help, so if you are unsure about anything please come and ask.


*It is University policy that card-machine operators are not permitted to give refunds. If a refund is required, the customer is responsible for completing the correct paperwork and submitting it to our Finance department. Please bear this in mind if you intend to pay by card.