How we can help

If you have, or think you have a disability, please contact the Student Wellbeing Service.  It is important that you discuss your specific requirements with them in confidence, and then they will be able to alert us to your needs.  Here are some of the ways that we can help.

Borrowing books and other resources from our libraries

Borrower information can be found both online and as handouts on all the sites. These guidelines apply to all students. However, if you have a support plan we can help you further. Below are some of the arrangements we can make for you if requested by the Student Wellbeing Service in your support plan:-

These facilities are not automatically applied to everyone with a support plan - they are based on your specific needs as discussed with the Student Wellbeing Service.

Help with finding information

The   are staff who support each Faculty and are responsible for helping you find the information you need to support your studies. They're happy to help with one-to-one sessions offering advice on using the specialist databases and online resources.

Accessing information from home

All University of Derby students can access UDo (University of Derby online) from home as well as on campus. Through UDo you can access a wide range of online information and services.