Loan categories and fines

Loan allowances

Students can borrow up to 20 items at a time. 
To improve the availability of library stock for everyone we charge fines when items are not returned on time. The amount charged depends on the length of time the item can be loaned for.
Charges apply throughout the year. The maximum charge on any one item is £20 per transaction. You'll temporarily lose your borrowing rights if items are not returned, and you have more than £5 owing on your account. Fines are charged according to type of loan:

Type of LoanLength of LoanWhat to look forFines charged
Standard One week (auto renewed unless another student reserves the item)   50p per day up to a maximum of £20.00 
Reference  Cannot be borrowed  Red label   

Non-returned / lost / damaged items

In the following cases we'll request that an item is either replaced or the replacement cost is paid for in full:

How to Pay:

Online via your Library Account Anytime

School practice items

These items may only be borrowed by students registered for education courses