What is ORCiD?

Open Researcher Contributor ID (ORCiD) is a unique identifying number that distinguishes individual researchers and links their professional activities. Publishers and research funders strongly advocate ORCiD as a vital part of today's research environment.  

Why get an ORCiD - an example:

Dr. M. Gomez was finding it hard to keep an up-to-date list of all her research activities, any new tool she tried frequently mixed her publications up with the work of others with the same name. She created an ORCiD and used it to profile her existing research activity. As she continued to research she shared her ORCiD with publishers and funders. Before long Dr. Gomez stopped getting mistaken for others, and her ORCiD profile was automatically updating with her latest publications, activities and awards. 

How to get an ORCiD:

Create an ORCiD at the ORCiD website