Become a Study Advisor

Study Skills

Who can be a Study Advisor?

The Study Advisors are current students that have been trained to give other students advice and guidance on their study skills. This is done by sharing their experiences as a student and developing students’ transferable skills through discussion and exercises.

What does a Study Advisor do?

A Study Advisor meets with students on a 1-to-1 basis. The hours are flexible and can fit around their studies. In the first session a Study Advisor will discuss the students’ expectations of the service and decide what they want to address in their sessions. Students have a maximum of 8 hours (in 1 hour slots) during their time at the university to meet with their advisor.

How do I get more information about the role?

If you would like to know more before deciding to apply please contact the Study Skills Service on 01332 591 369 or email

How do I apply to be a Study Advisor?

Please follow the link to the job specification (click here) and fill out the application form online.