First steps for new students

Just started your studies and don't know what to do next?

Here's a list of the most important things to do.

1 - Get your ID card

All University of Derby students are entitled to an ID card.

For full details, including how to get an ID card and why you would want one, see our ID card page.

2 - Check your UDo account

UDo stands for University of Derby Online. It is a very important system through which you access your lecture notes and other course materials, email, and library resources.

University communications will be sent to your University email account (Unimail), so please check you have access.

Your username and password should be issued to you shortly after enrolment. If you have any problems contact us.

3 - Look at your course resources

Take a look at your course resources in UDo as soon as you can. Please bear in mind that many are not activated until the day the course starts.

4 - Look at an ejournal and other electronic Library resources

All of the Library's electronic resources are accessed via UDo. You can find instructions on our EResources Help page.

Try to find a journal, then find a particular year and issue, and then an article and open it. If you haven't yet got a reading list, why not try our example:

Environmental Conservation, 2004, Vol 31, Iss 2.

Open the first article in the list, just to see how they work. 

5 - Look at the Library services for off-campus students

We have a postal loan (UK only) and document delivery service to help you access all of the materials that you will need for your studies.  You can also contact us for help with accessing any of the library's resources.

And most important of all...

6 - Enjoy your studies!