Classroom, Audio Visual and Media Support in Buxton


At Buxton this service has been retained in Learning Enhancement within the Library team and is available to all members of staff. The service is provided by our AV Facilitator and Library Facilitators based in the Library.

At Kedleston Road, Britannia Mill, Markeaton Street, Enterprise Centre, Derby Theatre and Chesterfield sites this service is provided by the Field Support Teams within Information Technology Services.

We recommend that you visit the classroom you are teaching in and familiarise yourself with the AV equipment within that room. If you realise you will need extra equipment or support please contact the Library (ext 330633).

Services provided by AV support


Office hours

Specialist support

Monday - Thursday: 8.45am - 5.00pm

Friday: 8.45am - 4.30pm

General support

Monday - Thursday: 8.30am - 9.00pm

Friday - Sunday: Library opening hours

What equipment is for loan and do you deliver it to the classroom?

There are certain types of equipment that cannot be left unattended in a classroom. The following list shows equipment for loan and whether assistance for setup is offered or if you are required to collect and return the equipment to us. Support and training is offered for all equipment.

Type of EquipmentAssistance / Collection
Data projector Collection from / return to the Library
Laptop Collection from / return to the Library
Video camera Collection from / return to the Library
Still camera Collection from / return to the Library
Portable video conferencing Set up by AV facilitator
Projection screen Set up by AV facilitator
LCD 42" TV with PC Set up offered
 TV with VHS Set up offered
Computer Speakers Collection from / return to the Library
Conference phone Collection from / return to the Library
Digital Voice Recorder Collection from / return to the Library
Lapel Microphone Collection from / return to the Library
Microphone Panopto USB Collection from / return to the Library
Wireless Presenter Collection from / return to the Library
Portable Hearing Loop Set up by AV facilitator

The above equipment is for use on the University campus unless otherwise arranged with us. 

To borrow any of the above equipment please contact the Library (ext 330633)

Is there a charge for borrowing equipment?

There is no charge for borrowing equipment. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that it does not get lost or damaged and that you never leave the equipment unattended anywhere. 

You or your Department / College could be liable for any loss or damage.

Do you provide AV training?

If you would like guidance on how to use the AV equipment, either portable or the static equipment in the classrooms, please contact the AV Facilitator in the Library to arrange a time.

How do I report a fault in a classroom?

For AV related faults please contact the AV Facilitator in the Library or log a call with the IT Service Centre (ext 1234).

Please bear in mind that AV Facilitator support does not deal with the following within the classroom:

Faults related to the above should be reported to Estates, via Planon


We offer a range of AV equipment that you can borrow free of charge to help you with your studies. Support and training can be provided. Video editing is also offered.

For some equipment you will need to collect an 'Equipment Loan' form from the Library.

Once you have completed the form, including having it signed by one of your lecturers, return it to the Library.

Make sure that you have your student card with you because you will need this to have the equipment issued to your library account and as proof of identification.

What type of equipment can I borrow?

We have:

Type of equipment 

Equipment loan form required

Voice recorders No
Desk microphones No
Remote presenters No
Speakers No
Headphones (in the Library) No
Laptops No
Video cameras Yes 
Still cameras Yes
Tripods Yes

How long am I able to borrow equipment for?

The standard loan time for most equipment is 48 hours. Fines are charged at £1 a day for each overdue item.

However please note that laptops have a 3 hour maximum loan period and will carry a higher charge if returned late.

How much will I get charged if I return a laptop late?

15 minutes late = £5

Add an extra £5 for every additional half hour after this.