Using Technology and Media

The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching's (CELT) Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team works to provide advice and guidance in a variety of areas including:

  • Using Media to Enhance Learning
  • Box of Broadcasts
  • Sharing Media in Course Resourses (Media Gallery)
  • Online Collaborative Tools
  • Creating Learning Resources
  • Curriculum Development
  • Electronic Portfolios

Digital Practice Handbook

Digital Handbook

The Digital Practice Handbook is a place where we consolidate our support and guidance for you to use the various tools available to enhance learning and teaching. It is an easy to navigate environment to help answer your questions and queries quickly.


TEL Strategy 2017-2021

TELSTRAT thumbnail

The digital experience of staff and students is central to delivering academic excellence, student employability and a high quality student experience.  The University of Derby's TEL Strategy (2017-2021) will support staff and students to develop their digital capabilities and transform the digital learning experience for all our students.


Digital Champions


The TEL team have recruited a network of Student Digital Champions. These are students who are interested in promoting the use of the digital resources and digital spaces available across the University. The projects they are involved with are varied and we are always open to ideas from Staff and Academics.