Induction and enrolment

We are really pleased to welcome you to the University of Derby and we have put together an exciting programme of activities to help support you.

#1for formally welcoming international students**UK ISB Benchmark Group 2018
Top10in the world for international student learning experience**Global ISB Benchmark Group 2018
#1International Student Centre**UK ISB Benchmark Group 2018

Welcome week, induction and enrolment

Airport pick up

We run a free transport service for our international students at the start of term. We can pick you up from the following airports: Heathrow, Manchester and East Midlands.

Book your meet and greet

Welcome Event

We have welcome events taking place for all new students.

At our welcome events you will be able to:

We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, please email

International student in the Sport centre at the Derby Campus taking part in the welcome week activities
Group of international students sat down during the welcome event

Your induction

In the induction sessions you will meet your subject leaders or academic counsellors and other students on your course. They will help you to choose the right modules for you and give you information about your course.

Your subject leader will discuss your choice of modules with you during your induction.

Enrolling on your course

You will need to enrol on your course to become a registered student at the university.

If you don't enrol, you won't be able to use our facilities or attend lectures, and you won't receive any credit for the work you do.

You must bring these documents with you when you enrol:

Please note that you will not be able to complete your enrolment unless you provide all of the required documents.

If you're a European Union (EU) undergraduate student, you will also need to bring your confimation letter from the Student Finance Services European Team that confirms that you have a loan or grant to help you to pay your tuition fees. You can find out more information about the loans and grants that are available to you on the Student Finance government website page.

If you're an exchange student, you will also need to bring the letter that you received from us confirming that you're an exchange student.

group of students at the International welcome event

My international warm welcome to Derby

Worry is a common feeling amongst all students especially those moving to Derby from a different country. Ioannis shares his experience of the welcome he received when arriving to the University from Greece.

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