DisabledGo provides detailed online access guides to a huge range of places that disabled people may wish to visit including shops, cinemas, tourist attractions and universities.

As a member of the DisabledGo scheme we have advised DisabledGo of the priority places to survey and subsequently feature on their website including our halls of residence and the main teaching sites.

What they do

DisabledGo's aim is to give you information so that you can make up your own mind whether a venue is right for you - they don’t attempt to judge a venue’s accessibility on your behalf. You will therefore find some venues on their website which are better suited to your individual needs than others, depending on your personal circumstances. After all, it can be just as important to know that somewhere is not adequately accessible as to know that it is. No one likes a wasted journey.

How they do it

In providing this service DisabledGo will send one of our specially trained surveyors to visit every single venue featured on their website. The surveyors use the same high standards to assess each venue so you can be confident in the consistency of the information they publish.

The resulting detailed access guide provides a graphical summary of the venue’s accessibility using access icons, together with highly detailed information in relation to each of the key features of the venue. The guide describes your journey into and throughout the venue and includes photographs of the features covered.

DisabledGo Access Guides