Negotiation is the term used for Tenders or Quotes on our Supplier Portal.


1. Log in to your supplier account using the “Oracle Log In” link below.

If you are not yet registered on our supplier portal, please use the “Oracle Registration” link below to register.

Oracle Log In

Oracle Cloud Registration

2. Log in using the log in box highlighted below. Your User ID is the email address you used when registering. When logging in for the first time please use “Forgotten Password” to create a password for your account.

A screenshot of the Oracle sign-in page, with the sign in area highlighted in a yellow box.

Finding Tendering Opportunities

3. Once logged in select the “Current UoD Opportunities” Icon as shown below.

A screenshot showing the Current UOD opportunities icon circled in yellow on the Supplier Portal Homepage.

4. Once you are into the supplier portal page, select “View Active Negotiations” as highlighted below.

A screenshot showing where to find the view active negotiations option on the supplier portal. The link is highlighted in yellow in the image.

5. Using the search fields, you can search for the negotiation you wish to submit a response to by entering the title of the negotiation field highlighted below.

Invites to the project will be sent via email from the Oracle Cloud system to the registered contact on the system.


A screenshot showing the search area in the Active Negotiations screen on the Supplier Portal.


6. If you have been invited to the tender (and have selected ‘YES’ the previous step), to express an interest in the project please click to highlight the relevant project and then press the “Acknowledge Participation” button. This will alert the lead buyer that you will be intending to submit a response.

If you have not received an invitation (and have selected ‘NO’ the previous step) to the tender, please click to highlight the relevant project and then click on “create response”.

a screenshot showing where to find the 'acknowledge participation' tab on the supplier portal.


7. Once you have found the negotiation and clicked into the project you will be able to see details of the project using the tabs highlighted below.


Where to find details of the project... menu on the left hand side.



Creating Tender Responses


8. If you wish to submit a bid for the opportunity you can do so by pressing the “Create Response” tab highlighted below and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use.

A screenshot highlighting the 'Create Response' button on the Supplier Portal

9. On the first screen of your response you can add a “Response Valid Until” date as well as giving your response a reference number. If you wish you can also add any notes to the procurement lead which they will see when they open your response and furthermore you have the option to add any attachments that support your response such as your environmental policy. Once this screen is completed to your satisfaction you can select the next button to take you to the tender requirements.

A screenshot of the first part of the 'Create Response' area on the Supplier Portal.

10. On the requirements tab you will be able to see each requirement for the tender. Please ensure that you respond to all requirements before moving onto the next stage by using the navigation tool highlighted below.

A screenshot of the second part of the 'Create Response' area on the Supplier Portal.

To respond to the requirement please use the response text field given to you and also ensure you upload any relevant documents that support your response. You may also wish to leave a comment regarding the requirement or any further information in the comments field provided however this is not a mandatory field.

Once you have completed the text fields and uploaded and supporting documents that you are required to submit you can select the “Next” button to take you to the next stage of the tender.

11. At this stage you can summarise your commercial offering using the “Response Price” field, this is a mandatory field and you will not be able to submit your response until this field has been completed if you have any minimum order value you can also enter this under “Response Minimum Release Amount” field.

A screenshot of the third part of the 'Create Response' area on the Supplier Portal.

Once you have completed these fields to your satisfaction you can press the “Next” button to take you to the Review page.

12. Within the review page you can review your response before you submit, to navigate to each section of your response please use the fields highlighted in yellow below.

A screenshot of the fourth part of the 'Create Response' area on the Supplier Portal.

Clarification Questions

13. If you have any clarification questions you wish the University to answer, you may submit these through the “Messages” icon, that is available to you at every stage of your response. This will allow you to message the procurement lead for more information.

A screenshot showing where to find the messages button to ask clarification questions on the Supplier Portal.

Within the messages tab you can create your message by pressing the “+” icon highlighted below.

The messaging service in the Supplier Portal

This will bring up a text field that you can populate and also add any attachments as per the below.

A screenshot of what the messaging service looks like.

To reply to a message simply highlight the message you wish to respond to and press the Reply tab as highlighted below.

A screenshot of where to find the reply option.

You can save your response progress if you wish to come back to it by pressing the “Save” button as per the below.

In order to get back to your response later simply follow steps 1 – 7.


Submitting Tender Responses

14. When your response is complete press the “Submit” button which will submit your response ready for the buyer to view upon the closing of the opportunity.

A screenshot showing where the submit button is

Please note some opportunities may not allow any tender response amendments once they are submitted. Please ensure your tender response is complete before submitting.

If you have any further questions regarding submitting a response please contact stating your name and contact number and a member of our procurement team will contact you to resolve your query.



Last reviewed: 06/11/2020

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