Supplier registration (sole traders)

A step by step guide on Registering as a Prospective Supplier to the University of Derby for individuals/sole traders.

Once you have registed you will be able to view any live Request for Quotations or Tendering opportunities that are open.  You will be able to respond to any questionnaires or messages we publish on the portal.

For open Tenders over £25k these will be advertised on Contracts Finder.

Note:  Completing this registration does not mean you have become an Approved Supplier to the University. When the University wishes to place an order with you, we will contact you through the portal to request you provide your Bank details on the portal to enable us to raise Purchase Orders and make payments to you.


You can use the portal to:


Suppliers should note our Oracle Cloud system contains some American terminology but we trust this user guide will provide assistance to you when completing your registration.

If you do require assistance, please email

Simply click on each of the TABS below, or use the NEXT and BACK buttons to go to each of the TABS

The fields marked with a * are mandatory fields.


1. Company Details

Enter your Business name. If you are a Sole-Trader, this may be for example John Smith.

Tax Organisation Type – select Individual from the drop down below as highlighted below. If none of the choices from the drop down box are applicable, then please default to Individual.


A screenshot of registration screen on the Oracle Finance Supplier Portal, with the tax organisation type box and DUNS number box highlighted in yellow.

If you have a D.U.N.S or Company number, then please enter this. This must be a nine digit number so please use Zeros to fill.

For example if your Company Number is

Then add an extra '0' to fill, e.g.

If you do not have a D.U.N.S or company number, then please enter the last 9 digits of your telephone number. For example if your telephone number is:

then enter

If you are VAT registered, select the Tax Country from the drop down list. You can use the search to search for United Kingdom. Enter VAT registration number in the Tax Registration Number box. IF you do not have a VAT number, then please leave this field blank.

Please ensure you put the Country code in your VAT number e.g.


You can use the Attachments tab to upload any supporting information we may ask you to submit e.g. Insurance Certificates.

Enter your Contact Details

A screenshot of the register supplier page, with tax organisation type, contact details and country highlighted

2. Contact Details

To move to the next section, go to the flow diagram near the top of the page. It shows the different stages of the application. You have just completed Company Details. Now click on the next 'stop' along the line: Contact Details.


You will note your contact details entered on the first Tab have been carried over to the Contact Tab.

If you have multiple contact details, click on the + icon to Create a new Contact or the X icon to delete a Contact.

A screenshot of the register supplier contacts tab with the create button highlighted in yellow
A screenshot showing where the administrative contact tick box is on the screen

If you would like your contact to have a User Account, then ensure the Administrative and Request User Account boxes are ticked. Complete the contact details for each additional contact you wish to create. By creating a User Account will mean your additional contacts can access the data you have created in your Portal.

A list of roles will appear on the screen and if you click on Select and Add, you can select as many roles as you wish for a particular contact, or you can remove the roles by clicking on the X. Each role has a description. Click on 'Create Another' to create an additional account.

3. Addresses

Now move on to the 'Address' stop on the diagram at the top.

This section allows you to create addresses for your company. You can add as many addresses as you wish, if you have multiple sites. Click on the + icon to Create

*The Address Name is mandatory. Please enter the city name in this field

For example if your address is in the city of Derby, enter Derby in this field.

IF you want to Create another address e.g. which is based in the City of Manchester, then enter Manchester in this field.

Tick the Remit to box to enable remittances to be sent electronically. You can also tick the Ordering and RFQ or Bidding boxes to enable purchase orders and quotations to be sent to the Address created.

An image showing the create address screen on the supplier registration service

Save for Later option

Although it only takes a few minutes to complete your registration, once you have got this far, you have the option to pause and save your registration so far for completion at a later time.

Click on the 'Save for Later' button in the top right.

You'll see a message that your "registration request was saved". Click OK.

An image showing the message:

You will receive an email entitled "Supplier Registation Request was saved".  Allow a few minutes for the email to arrive.  Check your junk mail folder if you can't see it in your main inbox.

When you are ready to continue, open the email and go to the Recommended Actions area. Click on the "Complete the Supplier Registration Request" link to continue.

Image showing the email sent by the system containing the URL (Link) to return to a saved application  The email has the subject line

4. Business Classification

Click on the Business Classification link along the flow diagram at the top of the screen to tell us what type of business you run.

Using the drop-down box you can select the most appropriate option.

Once you have selected the correct option, click on the + icon to add your classification.

Some individual businesses may not fit into any of the pre-defined classifications. If this is the case for you, tick the 'None of the Classifications are applicable" box, which is highlighted in the image below.


A screenshot of the business classifications screen with the tickbox 'none of these apply' highlighted.


5. Products & Services.

Suppliers can select and add as many products and services as they choose to add to their profile. This will assist the Procurement team when sourcing Suppliers for certain Quotations and Tenders.

Click on the Select and Add button. A list of categories will be displayed. Tick as many categories as you can provide goods and services for.

An image of the

Press Apply and OK and the list of Categories will appear in your Company Profile as shown in the following image:

A screenshot of the completion of the Add Products and Services section of the Supplier Registration Service. The categories selected by the user in the last screen show up here. If a mistake has been made, you can remove the category by pressing the X icon at the end of the relevant row.

6. Questionnaire

Click on the Questionnaire Tab.

As a potential supplier to the University of Derby, you now need to complete the Equality in Higher Education Questionnaire.

An image showing the questionnaire screen. Details here must be completed in order for the registration to go through.

Please complete all the sections of the Questionnaire.

Move to the next section by scrolling down to the drop-down box (shown below) and selecting the next section from the list.

A picture of the dropdown box on the Registration Questionnaire to be used to move to the next section of the questionnaire.

7. Review

Finally, you can review your details before submitting your registration. Click on 'Back' or any of the headings along the top of the page to review and edit your details.

A screenshot of the review registration screen on the Supplier Registration Service

Click on the Register Tab to complete your registration.

You will receive the following message:

Screenshot of the message that says

You will receive a separate email advising you of your log in details so you can log back into the portal at any time.

Please note, this means you can only view current Quotations and Tenders at this stage.

If the University wishes to do business with you, you will receive a notification via the portal or a member of the Procurement team may contact you to request you log back into the portal to provide your bank details.

We are unable to request bank details at this stage of the registration due to the GDPR rules.


Please email your screens including screen shots where possible to



Now you are registered, our guides will help you navigate the Supplier Portal:

Suppliers Guide - Introduction to the Portal

Suppliers Guide - Update your Bank Account

Suppliers Guide - Responding to Negotiations


Other relevant documentation

Supplier Code of Conduct

Anti-Bribery Policy



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