Student Employment Agency holiday pay

All workers have a statutory right to at least 28 days paid holiday inclusive of statutory (bank) holiday entitlement.

How you receive Holiday Pay

Arrangements for holiday pay have been agreed locally with the Unions and are in line with the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) guidelines.

To ensure that you receive and are paid for your full holiday entitlement, the holiday and the holiday pay accruing will be calculated from the hours worked in that period.
Holidays are accrued on the basis that in a full working year there are 260 working days (5 days per week x 52 weeks per year = 260 working days)
When a full time employee is paid for a full year, 24 days are taken as holiday and therefore 236 days are actually worked.
The formula to calculate your holiday pay each week is then:
Your hourly rate x number of hours you worked that week x (24/236)
This will be added to your basic pay for that week (i.e. your hourly rate x number of hours you worked that week) to give you your total pay for that week.
Please note that actual values are subject to rounding.
Example calculation
For example, if a student worked 20 hours per week at £10 per hour, their holiday pay would be:
£10 per hour x 20 hours x (24/236) = £20.34
Their basic would be:
£10 per hour x 20 hours = £200

Therefore their total pay for the week would be £220.34

The holiday pay calulation will be applied automatically on your behalf from the time sheet you submit. You should claim in the normal way for hours actually worked. The holiday pay will then be added and deemed to have been taken during that schedule of work period.

In the unlikely event that all days are worked in full during a work schedule period, the accrued holiday and holiday pay will be allocated to another pay period.

If you have any queries, please raise these directly through the Student Employment Agency.